Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Monday...


Deep Breath and a Wooohooo! Spring Break is over!!!!! The kids are back into school and I have my little sense of normalcy back to my I loved hanging out with them. No, I really :)

It's just that it rained mostly every day. Ava baby had a fever for 4 of the days. Princess K seemed to be getting very PMSy, oh and Sammy boy just seeemed to drive them crazy with his Star Wars stuff.

Let's, MY music, and computer. Three kids, three computers, and one would think it that would be sufficient. Ugh!!! If the mommy wants to use the computer, then we must do a rotation and timer for the computers. Yes, it's come to that.

I'm going to enjoy some hip shaking of my music. It's doing it's job.

Love you guys...


[Mat] said...

Thanks for the words.

I wish you the same.

ThoughtsGalore said...

You're sooo welcome Mat.

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYA kids go back to school= time to reflect on life and not go crazy. Mom and dad come home tonight, so I will get to sleep in my own bed!!!!!

love ya. e

Southern Fried Girl said...

You made it thru Spring break!!!!! :)

Wethyb said...

Can we go on Spring Break now???? Spring Break, some booze, sun and a tan. Ah sounds heavenly!