Saturday, March 11, 2006

Early Early Early...

(Added 8:30AM
Music according to Kelsey..
Jamie Foxx's video..."Oh Mommy Noooooo. I soooo don't like him. He's the boy Madonna! YUCK!!!!")

Aaaahhhh and to think I thought I was going to sleep last night.


The hubby is gone this weekend, so of course Ava baby is all excited that she'll get to sleep in bed with me. If you don't have a little girl..or you weren't won't understand. So, about 11 she came down and told me it was time for me to get upstairs. LOL..well ok.

Sometime around 4ish Sammy boy came in. He wanted to "cuddle." LOL. I love them...I was just really tired.

So about 5:30 Reeses hears something outside so we have some serious barking. Then about 6ish Ava was freaking out because she couldn't find her crayons...she could only find Sam's.

So there I was. I dragged my ass out of bed. The babies all followed me down like ducks in a row. It went like this...Me, Ava, Mocha, Reeses, and then .....Sammy and his blanky. My largest duckling was still soundly tucked into bed.

I'm warming up with a little yummy coffee and feeling like it's going to be a wonderful relaxing day. I have no worries about having to walk on eggshells today. We're going to have rain and I love to hear the rain fall on Saturdays. I see a wonderful day ahead.

I know some of you friends wonder about peace and happiness. It's there waiting for you to grab onto it. This is what I've figured. I can live in all the past or trust the future. The future is an unknown, but there's hope and you can make it whatever you want. This my friends... I know to be true.

We get one life hunnies. Try to smile. Find some good music. Get a chick flick and laugh. If none of that works, do what I did a few days ago. Light a yummy candle. Then get a piece of paper and write down all the good things in your world. I have Dr. Calm for these fabulous ideas. :) Yes, there are negatives..but for now just focus on the good. Things might suck, you might not have any money, you might not have love, you might have trust....but you have friends. If you don' me and I'll point out positives.

My last few years have been a handful of crap. Not just things that "happened to me," but events that were made of my own doing. I've met some amazing "wise" "keep your pecker up" women...and let me say...without them I might be hopeless right now. I'm not. Life turns around. I'm here to say it does. Ok Ok...I'm on a little tangent, but I do have a point; If you take on your can get it to be the way you want it to be. Don't settle for a quick fix. It will never ok.

Let me say this again....Quick Fixes...Feel good moments...Moments you would be ashamed for people to know about...not worth it.

Love you guys...


Darlene said...

My night kind of went like that as well..I went to bed at 2, went to sleep at 3 (wink, wink) AJ woke up at 4 because her "diaper was broke". Then she wanted to sleep in daddy's bed, which means just lay there and toss and turn, so I got up at 5:32 and put her back in her bed. Web woke me up at 7:30, I finally rolled out at 8.

Yay Saturday! It's going to be a nice day....CALL MEEEEE!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ok baby! I'm on it! LOL...i'm on my way to the market and then you're getting a call!

Michelle said...

Is it in the air or what...I think children in general had an objective to make sure Mommies didn't get any sleep last night...or anything Carlie (8yr old daughter) decided she wanted to spend the night at Grandma's. Cool!! TJ (3yr old son) would be the only one home, and was really tired. GREAT!! He went to bed at 8, and it was Mommy and Daddy time. YEAH! A few glasses of wine later and watching Phantom of the Opera (loved it BTW) it was "bed time"...11:00!! Daddy and I were FINALLY getting some "alone" time, and who do I hear whining up the stairs?? TJ of course. Plops right in the middle of us and tells Daddy to scoot over. He finally went to sleep enough to move him at 1AM. Got him into bed, and woke up Daddy again, and TJ was back in bed with us at 1:30. At 3 when he was still up and asking for cereal I gave up. Darn kids...doesn't he know Daddy works 3rd shift and is only home to sleep with Mommy on Fri and Sat??

dakotablueeyes said...

why can't we ever sleep in. lol