Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just a little something...

I was over reading one of the "oldies and original bloggin' babes" this morning. Mama Duck to those of us who love her was posting about lonliness. She's always beautiful and even her self portrait today is gorgeous. (so there.)

Anyway...I feel it, too. I'm not alone, but feeling it horribly. Here's a little Video that she suggested. I thought I'd post.


Melanie said...

Me Too! Is it in the air or what?

ThursdayNext said...

I think that the spring sometimes makes us feel a bit lonely. There is an overwhelming beauty that we connect with, and we desire to connect with others. You are not alone, my dear. Sometimes I feel it, too, but then I make myself sit down and email everyone I love...and it comes back to me and it feels so good. I recommend doing the same today! :) xoxoxoxo

The Kept Woman said...

Dang it...for some reason the song isn't playing. I cranked my volume up to hear it and everything.

Like we always say, too bad we're not we could be alone together and enjoy a drinkie poo.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Today has been quite the nice day, after all.

I napped! Don't tell anyone!

LizzieDaisy said...

I totally wish I could have called the last few days. I have your number in my car on a note card but haven't had any time in there alone to do it. Been so bummed. My sissy is here though Sunday early so Sunday afternoon it is. The showing is that day, but I'll fit it in somehow.

Wishing you and TKW were closer. What a ball we would have. And some of the rest of the bloggers. I am so jealous that a lot of them have those parties. Maybe next year I'll use some frequent flyer mileage and go to one. How about it Christie. A better than GNO? :)

Love you. Hang in!!! xoxo