Monday, January 23, 2006

Yes..I know...I need a new look!

I miss my old pink look! I need some sort of an update. I was going to try to do something simple myself...but Hmmm...I don't know if my talents extend that far. :)

Anyhoo...I'll have to figure it out, because trust me...I'm not one of those people who leave their Christmas Tree and Menorah (Jewish Dad..Catholic through January! Sooooo...any ideas my sweet friends? My sweet designer Heather, who's done mine previously is dealing with some serious health problems with her daughter, so I just need to figure out something different.

Oh and let's see...The house is no longer sick! Whooohooo...!

I do have a topic I want to dive into later after coffee...It's a teaser, but I really want to talk about types of blogs and the "jerk" who left me a lovely comment about how he/she thinks the Mommy Blogs suck and we're all self centered women, who don't have a life. Yeah I know...Fuck Her/Him. This is not a Mommy's my blog. It's my world. Ugh...I need coffee. I will dive into that later. Oh and let me say...don't be such a wuss and use anonymous when you leave a comment. I can delete you....and who the fuck cares what you think? LOL..Ok I'm done.

Sorry Lizzie...all those fucks were necessary..:)


Cat said...

wish I could help you out on the design issue, I am just Not talented in that area at all. LOL

take care

p.s. Don't you love the anonymous ones? where do they come from? lol

Peanutt said...

Did I miss something? Did you already delete the comment? And fycuk them and what they have to say! I hope your having a good day anyhow!!!!

Dottie said...'ve seen my blog! After working with my store design, I had no energy left over for the blog. Wish I could help, though!

"Mommy Blogs"....the F bomb was justified there! What the heck does he know anyway!

ThoughtsGalore said...

It was either a guy or a childless woman. LOL. It's been deleted, but maybe next time I'll leave it up to show everyone what a loser Anonymous is. LOL

Choppzs said...

I was gonna say, I didn't see any annonymous comment, or I would have probably said something!! Some people are just jerks and have nothing better to do!!

OH and I can't help you with your design problem, I have Beth do all mine!! lol

Have a good day!!

[Mat] said...


Shouldn't be allowed.

lol. crude remark, isn't it, though. Everyone's got an opinion.

Judging from afar is easy I guess.

dakotablueeyes said...

omg someone actually left that comment. duh if mommy blogs are so bad then why did she read it and comment ugh

The Kept Woman said...

It always amazes me how brave people get behind that "Anonymous" tag.


Lucky Lum said...

I do like your new look, but your old one was my absolute favorite of all blogs!
And I'm so glad you are feeling better (just caught up on reading)!!

Anonymous said...

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