Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mmmmmm My Coffee Is Yummy Today...'s what I'm thinking. Couldn't I just copy the old template and put it in place of this one? I can find the template in the archives. Hmmmm...any ideas? I know we're all of you smarties has to have the answer. Let me know.

Or....maybe, how about this...I could use one of the simpler generic designs and put a cute header up on the top of the blog. Hmmm. Someone...Please HELP!

Here's something else I've discovered this week. All these dots and crappy blog punctuation, does not help Christie when she's trying to piece together her writing.

Oh, and Sammy Boy just told me that his Lego's are "Fricking Around" and it's "Pissing Him Off." Lovely!!!!!! My mouth isn't that bad. I swear. Plus, if I'm going to say fuck..I say fuck (not around the boy.)I don't use the wording "frick!"

Well, it's a beautiful day here. It's about 38, but the sky is blue and it's gorgeous. I can't wait until Spring. The pansies are still out and living..the weather is so mild this winter. I love this. I don't do well in the super this is a blessing for me.

I think that's it for now. Today is a better day. I hope you're all doing well. Thanks for all your kind words yesterday. I soooo needed them.


Liza said...

LOL I love the bit about "if i'm going to say fuck i'll just say fuck" haha. one time i said "what the frick are you doing dad?" into the microphone in front of the whole middle school when i was singing a song in high school. i got in a lot of trouble for that. random story.

ThoughtsGalore said...

LOL..I think he get's the frick from his father. I ... have no issues with saying Fuck!

It just takes an 11 year old to say, "Daddy, when you say Frick, you're really saying the F word. Duh."

Melanie said...

I love that Kelsey is such a smart ass to her dad. I know I'm going to have a problem swearing. Thank god Gani doesn't swear at all. He gets mad at me when I do.
My girl friend and I were actually talking about this yesterday. Her neice said her first clear word this weekend. To the parents surprise it was "shit." Classic if you ask me.

LizzieDaisy said...

My hub and I babysat for a girl who only said "shit" and about died. We asked our friends after then got home and it turned out that she wasn't trying to say "shit" but "see it." Oopsy. :)

And Liza, that cracks me up.

I'm dyin, I gotta go.


Cat said...

If you can get the codes from your old templet , you can just replace the ones you are using now with those.
I think! ;) I saved my xmas templet codes for next year. just in case. LOL

Hope that works!

Lucky Lum said...

I don't have a fricking clue- I mean, FUCKING clue about templates!

Liza said...

Gotta love when kids catch on to euphanisms!!! LOL!!! Your kids are adorable.

Anonymous said...

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