Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yes...those are jammies..

Conversation in my house:

Hubby: Why are you up? You can go back to bed.

Me: Ummmmm I'm up, it's ok.

Hubby: (In front of his computer doing who knows what. Kids running around with the dogs who haven't been let out yet.) Oh hunny, I'm trying to help you. I've got it all under control.

Me: (looking at the clock and it's 7:15 and Ava's bus comes at 7:35) Ok..but hunny the kids need to get dressed. Mmmmmm they're in their jammies. I just wanted to make sure you were on it.

Hubby: Oh, that's right.

Me: (oh yeah..Mommy goes in mommy mode.) I know hunny, sometimes their jammies do look like clothes. LOL.

Hubby: Smartass...
So, in 20 minutes flat I got all the kids dressed, hair brushed, lunches made, Christmas stockings packed up for party, and shoes on all of them. Hmmmm.

Which leads me to this. Men are just men. I know there are the few out there that can do it, but I just wonder if I hadn't come down if he would have figured out how to get them dressed with backpacks on and off to school? :) This is the precise reason why the Mommy never gets sick. LOL!
PS..You should hear him on the phone trying to get me in to see a doctor.
I'll let you in on the scoop...


dakotablueeyes said...

I don't ever leave that job to bruce cause he would be taking kaylie to school cause she would have missed the bus.

Liza said...

Wow, that must be record time! LOL I love the jammies remark :)

Mama Duck said...

Yeah, I hear "I'm watching the girls" a lot from Sugar Daddy as Peanut is eating newspaper and The Duckling is destroying the playroom.

LizzieDaisy said...

I like that my hub and I have different roles. Some women really love that they go to work every day. I like that I stay home. I would love a job, but nothing would get done in the evenings. I'd be mean and grumpy that my house is dirty and laundry not done. . Noone would eat. Crap just wouldn't get done, forget freetime. This way, my life is the way I want it (cleaner and a bit more organized), my hub does his stuff (outdoors and messy things) and I do mine (indoor and cleaning things) and everything is just nice and sorted out. Ya know? It works for us.

The price comes when someone is sick or having a baby or God help us, when someone goes out of town. Funny, I told him the other night who he could and could not marry when I die. :) He said he wouldn't get remarried and I gaffawed. He would so need a wife, not just for sex but for the house and kids. :) Hee... he loves me so.

He's very capable but oh so very very busy, my boy.

Anyhoo... I get ya Christie. There is watching and there is watching. My bun took the daughter down to the basement last night so I could work with my son on painting the nativity set. I heard him cutting things in the workshop. I do NOT want to know what she was doing cause I am quite sure he doesn't have that many eyes... :)

Wow... I wrote a book. Sorry.

ThoughtsGalore said...

I love your books L.

Yeah...Pink jammies with Dora and Boots all over them. LOL..real school like clothes.

He really really wanted to help, but he actually had a spreadsheet made for finding the dogs a doggie care place during the cruise. LOL. I thought of MD during that moment.

Dakota..isn't it funny how they just seem to not get with the program. They want to..really want to..but they're timing is all wrong.

If I worked we'd be screwed. Totally screwed. LOL. Yes I know I'm lucky he has such a nice job, even if we have to move all the time.

Peanutt said...

A mommies work is NEVER done. Not even when good ol' Dad is around!!! Have a good day!

Southern Fried Girl said...

I think men are not better at doing things like that because they know we will pick up their slack.

Dottie said...

If I leave for the day, I leave several sets of clothing for each kid with notes so that there is NO question on what they should wear. Left to the hubby, I shudder to think waht they would have on. I would never be able to show my face in public again! I am a list sort of gal so if I leave for over an hour, he has lists so he can't go too wrong! LOL I hope your feeling better!!!

LizzieDaisy said...

OMGosh... a spreadsheet for doggie daycare! He's my hub in disguise!! LOL.