Thursday, December 08, 2005


SO...I know that most of you do the fake tree, but what I really want to know is how "ALL" out do you really go?
1. White or Colored lights
2. Sentimental Ornaments...a Theme...collect 1 every Christmas?
3. Lights outside or Full on Griswald house?
4. Wrap the presents or just stick them under?
5. Is your tree at a "tilt" or is it perfectly straight?
6. Do you guys want lists from your significant others...or are you great at mindreading like I am..? :)
7. Guest for Christmas or not?
8. Duraflame, Generic or Wood....?

Yes..I am the nosey one. We all know that. Share with us, though...Enquiring minds want to know.


Melanie said...

Kelsey's doing drama. How come I'm the last to find out? It's because i'm the middle child isn't? LOL
J/K. That's awesome that she's involved in so many things like band and drama.
Ok. So when it comes to the Christmas thing you know me.. not so into the holiday. But i will be helping mom out. We are going to not use the old orniments. We are buying new ones that match. I'm going to color coordinate it with the new living room.
And i'm not into the whole lighting up the house, only b/c I can't afford it. If you can, go for it, I would just hate to see your electric bill.
I'm not a mind reader so please (hint, hint ;) ) give me your list.

I love you Christie,

ThoughtsGalore said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're using color coordinating ornaments for the house! OMG! There's something sooooo wrong with that. You need to pass that on to them! Ugh!

Mel..when you get your own house, I bet your hunny will get your house all lit up. :)

I love you, too.

Marie said...

hey girl! i haven't been by in a bit and wanted to say hi. :) I love the new look of your blog! It's so festive, cute and very you. Hope you're doing well, chickie babe. *hugs*

my two cents said...

OK, I'll be the first to give you a thorough answer...
1 White outside, colored on the tree
2 Sentimental ornaments only! The sloppy kindergarten ones are the BEST!! And the kids get to hang them - so what if all the ornaments are at a 3' height???
3 Lights outside, along the roof line. (First time EVER at this house!)
4 Wrap presents, but never put them under until the 25th!
5 It's straight! I'm SO left-brained, remember?!
6 LIST please! (See above comment!)
7 We're the guests at his parents' house
8 Would love real wood, but it's a stupid gas thing that was here when we bought the house...

I actually bought a wreath ($10 at Trader Joe's!) for the first time this year and it looks FABULOUS on our red front door. I picked up the photo cards from Costco today. I'm on a roll...of course the laundry is sky high and we won't even mention those dishes...

LOVE Michael Buble, and this song in particular.

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Liza said...

Hmm, for me, no guests because I usually am the guest still, colored lights on my tiny tree, none outside cuz I live in snooty historical district basement apartment and anything I do outside has to be approved of by my landlord AND the assocation for Heritage Hill. I don't collect any ornaments yet really cuz my tree can only take the miniature ones. I want to hang up the pretty glass balls but my cats would have those busted in a matter of minutes!!! So yep, my tree is tiny and fake, but I got it from Beth when I had no tree so it's special to me :) I love my little tree!! LOL The Griswold Tree, didn't they have a squirrel pop out of it? Or a raccoon? Some crazy animal popped out...And now Meli Kaliki Maka is in my head :P Happy Friday Christie!!

Jewl said...

Before we had Em we NEVER really did anything... last year we were kind of tripping over everything since it was her first Christmas and we weren't really sure about everything we wanted to do for her... This year he is gone so next year I have a feeling I will go overboard with ALL the traditions... Oh, and by the way, the HUBBY will get into it or there will be hell to pay! LOL

Peanutt said...

Hi honey! Answers to your questions...

1. This year I went white. Except for my Christmas tree because I already had lights for that.

2. Themed tree. Disney. Minnie is the angel on the top.

3. Usually lights outside, in the past some years have been Griswold-ish, but this year I haven't done the outside and it doesn't look promising either!

4. Must wrap presents. Santa wraps presents.

5. The Disney tree in the front room is perfectly straight. The one that my mom gave me just this year I put in the backroom is kinda on a tilt. Really tilted now since the dog knocked it down. That is why I didn't put any breakables on it.

6. I like lists. But I am pretty good at mind reading as well. Except when it comes to my parents. They are the couple that really doesn't need/want anything.

7. Guests for Christmas yes! But my aunt ALWAYS does Christmas eve and my Mom does Christmas so I don't usually do the guest thing here at my house.

8. Most definitely wood.

Love Michael Buble too!
Have a great weekend! And I love the new look you hot sexy chick you!

Dottie said...

. White outside, white on the living room tree and colored on the family room tree
2. Glass and gold on LR tree, sentimental mish mash on family room (we collect one every where we go & ornaments made by kids)
3. Lights outside and a 10 ft tree made by DH but that's all
4. Wrap from us but Santa is open
5. Straight....I have issues :)
6. I like lists
7. Having guests for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
8. Wood

Have a great weekend!!!

LizzieDaisy said...

Okay... I missed the Kelsey drama post? Hm. If it didn't take like 10 minutes to load your blog. Sigh. And I have cable. I'm dumping it though cause obviously everyone in my neighborhood must now have it cause it used to be fast and now it's like having dial up. I'm going to try dsl. So anyhoo...

1) white lights EVERYWHERE!!! will post pictures if I ever get them up. hee.
2) i used to have a gorgeous gold and pearl based tree... now I have a gold and pearl tree on the top and kid on the bottom. it looks... um... like I have a family. ;)
3) see #1. we used to smother this huge xmas tree in front of our house with them and everyone would comment, but when we got to like 20 sets and a few ladders we had to stop. it'd take a cherry picker to do it now. and he stopped designing those two years ago. :) so now... it's just a few smaller ones, a wreath, the porch, etc, none on the roof.
4) all wrapped unless it's a bike from santa. our presents don't get put under until xmas night though. they peek. boogers. santa brings special presents in santa paper and they are by their stockings.
5) perfectly straight. he's an engineer. lol.
6) LISTS! i hate wasting money. i really hate returning gifts.
7) i am a guest xmas eve at my inlaws, again xmas morning after church, and then we drive to my parents after that. in detriot. ugh. but my hub just got jury duty on dec 19. lovely.
8) wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and tons of it. see my picts this am. :)

love ya. can't hear your song though. i'll have to go to itunes.

Cat said...

well, this year is new for us, I had to start over on ornaments. UGH. I have a rather large snowman collection of ornaments in Louisiana in a box in storage. I like to try and get 3 new ones each year. I am still doing that to add to old collection. My tree has white lights, and I got an Angel for the top. felt I needed one. I also found an Angel ornament that is a Hope Angel. with the caption.."The storm clears, Our hope proves true, life is precious and the day is New!" I felt that was perfect for our tree this year.

we have a gas fireplace, so no duraflame, or wood needed!
I put some lights out, around the windows, and along the walk, If hubby were home, we would have them all over the house. LOL He said NEXT YEAR, we would be like that house all over the news LOL

I wrap our gifts, except for the one santa brings. it is always just under the tree with a big bow.

dakotablueeyes said...

I love the song too

1 colored
2 we use the kids ornaments with our snowflakes and red bows
3 lights on the outside around windows and doors
4 wrap
5 straight
6 no
7 guest (mil)
8 none

e-dog said...

Melanie....of course she is the last to know and yes it is b/c she is the middle child. I would also Like to say that I am not celebrating christmas at my apartment this year b/c I gave away all my cool christmas stuff my former roommate and might I add she is jewish. What does a Jew need with christmas stuff is beyond me. Um Love you and hope that the house looks beautiful.

Can I request a song for about Ashlee Simpson LOVE (the song sucks so bad, but you know how much I love bad songs)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Hmmmmm well just ask Dad about the Christmas Ornaments and Jews (yes people my dad is Jewish)! I can't believe they're doing up a tree with all new ornaments to "match" their house. LOL...sooooooo not cool.

Mel is the typical middle child. Yes...I take requests..:)
Love you...

Anonymous said...

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