Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Never A Dull Moment

There's never a dull moment with me. Of course it's around Christmas time, too. Do you guys find that you are always taking care of the little ones, and by the time it's your turn you just say...it's ok...it's nothing? Me too.

Once in a while life comes at you and bites you in the ass. I'm sitting here half drugged and waititng for a doctor to call to set up a little surgery. Nothing huge..just a few cycsts on the ovary, but damn if it doesn't hurt like a Mother F****r! I spent all night last night in the ER, but since the ovary's blood flow looks ok..then I just need to get it done this week. Yiipppppeeee! Just add it to the christmas to do list. :)

I'm thinking of you guys...


LizzieDaisy said...

HOLY SHIT!!! Damn girl. Does it never stop with you? Man. I haven't even stopped praying for the girl yet and now I have to add you? What a pain you are. :) So... where do I send the chocolate and fleurs? You should live closer so I could come help. No fun surgery. Ugh. Hope you have help. Good help.

Well... I'll expect you to take some time off blogging to recoup and all. Take care of yourself and let us know when you are going in so we can think good thoughts at the right time and all.

I know you're fine and all, but still... very bummed for you. Hope they give you good meds. I prefer Demmerol (or however you spell it) but everyone has their favs. :)

Love and kisses, no hugs in case it hurts. Hee.

xoxo moi

ThoughtsGalore said...

You sooooo need to live closer! Yeah yeah..we'll see what the doctors pull off. Right now I have Lortab. I'm just a little fuzzy. I'm thinking this is all going along like planned, because I do have that cruise coming up! You know what I mean. Just making sure everything that's going to happen...happens. :)

love and kisses to you too my sweet friend and thankyou.

Cat said...

Damn girl, that sucks! I wish I was closer, I would come help ya out!
Take care of yourself, and REST.

we are here when you are up to blogging!

xoxo Oh and thanks for the comment on my blog, I so loved it! ;)

take care

dakotablueeyes said...

I hope you get them taken care of and fast. I'm wondering if I don't have one myself. I will find out in January when I go for my much loved pap test. Ugh

Marie said...

That definitely sucks! I hope that you recover well and with as little pain as possible. *hugs*

erin said...


Liza said...

Aww! I hope you feel better very soon! Actually, this happened to my boss on Sunday/Monday. She was in the ER and now they have to remove both of her ovaries because they are just shot to hell pretty much. Hang in there! I'll be praying for ya :)

Peanutt said...

I think your about an 8 hour drive from me if you need some help! Its better to get them taken care of now! Hugz~

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