Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Love You Guys...

Well, who's ready for X-Mas? Oh friends...I'm not. Crap...I know. I have most of the presents done, but for some reason the loose ends are sooo not together. Between the Cruise and Xmas...this mama is a busy girl. I'm off to the tanning booth today, I think. I need healthy glow. Why not?!

I don't have much today. I just wanted to post and say hi. I do have some handy holiday tips, though. If you want :)

1. Lotion up! There's nothing that will make you feel better than soft soft skin. (don't forget your little tootsies, either.)
2. Buy a new CD to lift your stressed out blah spirits. I know you guys are feeling it, too.
3. Work on the know when the hair looks good...the day is much better.
4. Go read Lizzie's site to have a good laugh about woman vs men. You will laugh hard!
5. If you have pets..snuggle with them. They're so loyal and unlike the children they don't really talk back.
6. If you don't have dogs and the kids are little....then put them in their cribs, go turn on the shower, shut the dooor (it's ok if they cry..they'll be ok) and soak in the shower. You'll always feel better after a shower.
7. Finally, crack open the diet coke, pop your ice in the glass, if it's late enough...splash some jack in...and warm up.
8...Know that you're all beautiful to me.
Love you guys...


Cat said...

Playing my song I see! LOL

your such a sweety! and I LOVE your New LOOK!

Take care girl!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Don't you love it sweetie?! I think it's so wonderful. Ok..I'm off to go visit you, now.

LizzieDaisy said...

LOVE the new holiday blog. I thought about trying out a new look but dang... that's just too hard with all the link piccies and such. Ugh. Oh well.

Um, I don't think the guys thought my post was funny. It was a comedian... not like I was slamming on them or anything. I was rolling. I just wanted to share the laugh. Sigh. Oh well. Sensitive little boogers aren't they...

Enjoy tanning. I am going to go sleep off my hangover from Eddie Merlot's. Vendor. I love vendors!!! But I am very glad I am not going on a cruise... ugh the weight. :)

Oh, and I hope you got my song okay. And you liked it. Just thought of you for some reason... if it didn't work, go to my blogger page and click the "my website" link and it'll take you to my .mac public folder. I stuck it in the music folder too. Um, but you didn't read that here cause that would be bad of me and all. Hee. I'll take it out tomorrow... I just wanted you to hear it if you hadn't and I couldn't find a video. And if anyone else is wondering, it's "Song For A Winter's Night" by Sarah McLachlin. SO PRETTY!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Lizzie..Loved Loved Loved..the song. I was going to send you an email after I got the boy fed.

GO sleep off your hangover! LOL..A nap seems sooooo right now. I had a little Jack and Diet Coke! Yummy! Thinking of you..

LizzieDaisy said...

Oh, a little ps before I go to bed. Go read MD's blog entry from yesterday. I think you missed it cause I didn't see a response from you, and I'd think you would have responded. It's about Target. Hee. Loved it!!! :)

e said...

I am so excited that Kelsey is doing cool.


my two cents said...

Nice song.

OK, the singer reminds me of a young (and sane!) Tom Cruise. He's got a nice bod, but he's got no chest hair! ugh. Looks like a little boy. ick. I like a little hair in all the right places. ;-)

my two cents said...

OH, and BTW...I spent 3 hours ALONE in Target today. What sheer bliss! (And no cell coverage in there - shucks, no one could interrupt...) I was spending it like we have it. Got the kids all done, but him... now that's another story. No list from him yet! I'm working on my ESP, but I don't seem to be tuning in to the right channel yet...

ThoughtsGalore said... the all time classic. :) you'll never do better than that, as far as I'm concerned!

Dottie said...

Love your new look for the Holidays...I don't even begin to know how to change mine! Pretty pathetic :(

The tanning bed sounds toasty, is snowing and COLD here!

[Mat] said...

Well, that's a new look if I ever saw one.

about those tips.

1-Lotion up!
3-Work on the hair
Naughty again. But isn't that messy?
5-If you have pets, snuggle with them.
Damn girl! That's one frontier I won't cross
I want to do it with food too. And I'd prefer vodka.


have a good one!

Mama Duck said...

Love the holiday skin!!

Great ideas...the hair things couldn't be more true. If my hair is f'd up for the day I might as well stay in bed.

dakotablueeyes said...

Oh your tanning comment made me remember I have 30 left to use up lol Hmmm might have to go sometime this coming week.

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