Friday, December 02, 2005

Things I Know For Sure....

This has been one hell of a week! The kids have been sick. I've gotten over being sick, but something was off somehow. Christmas is around the corner and for some many of my Bloggin' Babes feel this blah feeling. So here's a list of things I know for sure that will help our little blahs....

*When your hair looks good You feel good!

*A Jack and Diet Coke at 4:30 is fine...we won't tell.

*Sexy panties and a matching hot bra can cure the not feeling pretty moment!

*Amazon Delivers...and Target is Online, just in case it's snowy for my non snow girls (MD you know what what I mean..)

*Music , Music, and more Music! It can change your mood in a heartbeat!

*Have all the ingredients for Chocolate Chip Cookies for that emergency moment! (Right Lizzie Girl?)

*Laguna Beach...The Real perfect fluff for the brain. Available for quick tutoring sessions to get you up to

*Fluff is me.

*Change all your ringtones on your's only a manic moment it's at 2 in the morning.

*Finally...Just be thankful we have each other. We get it. We get one another. We're intelligent enough to figure all this out, patience and determined to keep at it, and the babies haven't turned the brains to such moosh because we can put the thoughts down and just LAUGH. That's right hunnies...Just LAUGH with each other.




Peanutt said...

Yay I'm first!!!
The blahs suck and I think a drink at noon is okay...I won't tell!!! LOL. I really hope you get to feeling better honey!! And isn't it funny how music can change your mood almost instantly? Love it!

Cat said...

Great list, I will try them all, but right now nothing will help this Migraine blah feeling. right now I want snow to have a good reason to just stay inside, and veg out!

Take care

[Mat] said...

Past noon, it's legal to drink.

At least that's what we say

ThoughtsGalore said...

Cat...that was me yesterday! Just get some Excederine Migraine! Then maybe a diet coke. The caffeine is supposed to help.

Tink...Music is the thing. I think of you every single time the hubby puts on Hair Nation in the car in Sirrius. LOL. You're my little 80s rocker chick

mattie...Hmmmm after noon works for me!

Dottie said...

Well, it's noon somewhere isn't it? We can have a drink now! LOL

You are so right about all things on the list. Pretty panties can give a girl quite a boost! May have to pull some out to wear with my sweats today! :)

Feel better and if you figure out what works best, let me know!

Have a good one!

Liza said...

I hate being blah!! I hope you & the kids feel better really soon :) Oh and I was just wondering if you ever sent MLP to me yet because if you did I haven't gotten it and if you haven't, that's okay, I just wanted to make sure the book wasn't lost in the mail somehow! YAY IT'S FRIDAY!! And I love your list of pick me ups, and right now, I would love to be in my super cute panties and matching bra while drinking a jack and coke while watching and/or reading fluff :)

Heather said...

Your blahs are about to disapear becausae boy howdy do I have the design for you!!! Email me girlfriend, I sent you a mock up ;)

Great list btw!

[Mat] said...

ho, and matching underwear?

thumbs up.

Where's that gf of mine?

Choppzs said...

I love Laguna Beach!! lol My husband says that's a teeny bopper soap, but you know what??? I don't care!! lol

I don't think a new bra and panties would make me feel sexy right now!! I think it would just make me feel more pregnant then I already do! lol

Peanutt said...

I hope your household feels better soon honey!

Marie said...

*hugs* I know the blah feeling well. Thanks for a great list! :)

LizzieDaisy said...

Well I have the sexiest panties hanging from the tv cabinet door in my bedroom. They are my inspiration. And yes, of course I bought the matching bra. White and lacy... perfect for snowy weather. Hee.

I made chocolate chip cookies last night (they are already gone) but forgot to take a photo, but you are tagged anyway. This is cookie making season after all! And yes, you should NEVER be without ccc ingredients. :)

I have been praying lots for your daughter (as is everyone else), so let me know how she's doing k?


Lucky Lum said...

I have sooo got the blahs lately. Definitely agree with ideas on your list and need to do them...cept I like real coke with my Jack. :)

P.S. the word veri was "fatbs"
hmmmm....what's that supposed to mean?!?

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