Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Do you do Resolutions? Hmmmmm I do and I even, sometimes, make it into 3 days with following through. :)

I'm thinking about what I want to do this year. I figure I'll be on the ship on the 1st so it's a good way to stay good for whatever I choose. Do I do the ever favorite one about weight? Hmmm boring. I want something good. Do I choose to stop pleasing? Ummmm Maybe.

See, it's a mixed bag. I'm thinking about it. I want a doozy. I want to challenge myself. Letting go is a good one.

Crap..I even make doing a resolution hard!

LOL...I'll think about it and come back. I know one thing for sure. You guys matter and I love that we've had this year to get to know each other. We all ROCK as a group and I'm glad that even with all the miles we work in our crazy way.


Peanutt said...

Ahhh resolutions! Yes, weight is always the norm. On top of quitting smoking! Of course, since I have quit smoking (I will admit to smoking occasionally over a drink) I am going to say get my butt back into my workout routine. And since I can't seem to do it on my own, maybe a resolution will help me! That is the only one I will make right now don't want to make any promises that might get broken! LOL. Have a great day honey!

Mama Duck said...

Yeah...the resolution thing...I have a hard time committing to much of anything so I cut out the middle man and skip it.

I suck and need to grow up at some point, but so far that's worked for me.

my two cents said...

My only resolution for many years has make no resolutions. They never work anyway, so why set myself up for disappointment and/or guilt? I'm with Mama Duck on this one!

dakotablueeyes said...

Oh yes my list goes on 1/go on diet, 2/stop cussing, 3/stop spending money, 4/ exercise daily, 5/do more of my OWN hobbies, so far a good start lol I know I will add to this in the next couple of days though

LizzieDaisy said...

I plan to post some of mine too. The less personal ones. Which may leave my post postless. We'll see. :)

Wethyb said...

I want to do something worthwhile too. I was thinking of the letting things roll off my back. I just let things bother me way too much. I might have to try that one.

But working out is a good one too, since I never get to do it.

Hope you're having a good night babycakes!

Dottie said...

Ack, I forgot about the resolution thing. I should and need to make some and then force myself to keep them. Sounds dreadful....
Are you off to the wonderful cruise ship by now? If so, have an amazing and wonderful time!

jlybn123 said...

Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!!

[Mat] said...

Resolutions for the new year :

forget about resolutions.

What's good now won't be for the whole year. So, no resolutions. Not for now anyway.

Ok, I'll do some :
1-continue karate
2-continue renos and end them before march
3-save money for a nice winter trip next year
4-enough :)

How was that trip of yours?

Anonymous said...

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