Sunday, December 04, 2005


We all have those people we want to FUCK YOU to! Yep....FUCK YOU! They know who they are. They know they're jerks. It feels good when you can just be a strong woman and not the needy one anymore! Doesn't it? We all have those Fuckers in our life. LOL. Sorry Lizzie...the F word feels good to say...:)! I love this song. I love thinking to myself...FUCK YOU....YOU JERKY PIECE OF CRAP! DAMSEL NO MORE! LOL...oooooh Christie is a little feisty this morning...huh. FINALLY ..... I'm feeling better. It feels sooooo good. Hunnies..if you don't have this CD go get it. She is my one true music guilty pleasure. Hmmmm...if you get'll know what I mean.


Erin said...

FUCK YOU. That does feel good. Mel and I were singing this song last night in Target. HMMM such nerds.

LizzieDaisy said...

You know, you shouldn't put stuff like...

"We all have those Fuckers in our life. LOL. Sorry Lizzie..."

these words all in a row unless you want to freak out someone really bad. Thankfully I kept reading (that wasn't directed at me right?!). :)

I had to go to the adoration chapel this am to say prayers for K. but also cause I was in a total FU mood yesterday. I don't think I even talked to my hub. Grrr. Not just him though... everything. So yeah, I'd love to scream that someday. Really friggen loud. I definitely think it a LOT. Sigh.

ps I can't see your videos but I went to her site and she has them ALL in Quicktime. YAY! And sweet... LOVE that song!! Makes me want to kick some ass. And there are some asses that need kicking. Hm... perhaps the chapel didn't help much. Hee.

Alright, I give... FUCK YOU WORD VERI!!! Hee. Happy now Christie... you've taken me over to the dark side. :)

LizzieDaisy said...

ps The hub is reading my mail again, so while I can still mail... ya know? Watch what you say. Not that either one of us has anything to hide :) but I suppose I won't be raggin on him for sure. Hee.

@#$*(^@#(&*^@!! word veri... I can't type for shit today! 3rd times a charm?

ThoughtsGalore said...

Baby! Lizzie Girl...Not directed at you at all! I just know you don't like that word. LOL. Hence my apology first.

Thank you for kelsey prayers. She's feeling better. I'll email you....and whatch what I say hunny.

Erin Leigh...We're all nerds! It's in the blood. Love you sooo much and glad you're handling Princess Melanie and her pea in her pod very nicely. :)

Cat said...

I hear you on this girl, it does feel good to let it rip every once in a .....OH who am I kidding, ALL the time! LOL

I love that C.D. I just wish I had burned me a copy of it, before sons girlfriend took hers back out of my truck! :(

Take care girl!

[Mat] said...

f ing good

[Mat] said...

ho, and what has happened to the book blogging babes?

Choppzs said...

I absolutely love that CD, I have it in the car to listen to!! I have to say, it does feel good to say "FUCK YOU" once in a while and not give a shit who reads it or who will be offended!!! Good for you!!

Peanutt said...

Its on my Christmas list! So I have to refrain from buying the cd myself!
And F*CK OFF does feel good to say sometimes. At least when the moment really calls for it!!!
Have a great day!

Dottie said...

I so needed to read this today!
I need to send out a big FU to several people in my orbit!
Wanna do it for me???? LOL

I have blog/ real life stalkers who really need a big FU!

dakotablueeyes said...

Well said!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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