Thursday, December 15, 2005

What I'd Give You For Christmas...

I've been complaining quite a bit these last few days. Today I'm not going to do that. I was thinking about you Bloggin' Babes. The ones that can brighten a crappy day...the ones we can count on to defend our honor LOL...and I'm just so glad I have you guys. Really...there is a core group of us and we know who we are. We sooo like each other. So, in this season of giving, I'm going to tell you what I'd give you if I could..: (Sound good..?)

Lizzie GirlyYou would receive a house cleaner for a year, 1 subscribtion to Amazon for free books anytime you wanted, then you'd need free iTunes for a year. Oh...let's add DSL to that list so you can hear all my fun songs! XOXO Love you...and you know it!

Peanutt/aka Peanutt You'd get the Martha Stewart magazine for a year. You'd also get free tickets to any "Metal Head" concerts in town. Hmmmm oh and let's see...Video Teleconferencing so you could walk us through all the holiday crafts you do. :) You're one of the originals and I sooo appreciate you our little Tink.

Mama Duck: This is easy hunny. You would receive unlimited tickets to Texas to get the dose of warmth that's so deserately needed right about now! I'd make sure You had an on call babysitter to come and take the girls so you could go to the park. Then...I'd make sure you had a good supply of Diet Coke and Jack in the pantry. When a girl needs a drink she needs a drink! :) Oh and let's not forget some more sexy hot shoes for winter..LOL. You make me smile daily. That is a wonderful gift sweetie and thank you for that. XOXO

Bethy: Tons and tons of gift cards for Home Depot! You soooo need them with all the renovations you have that Handy man of yours doing. Oh and sweet hotpink badge that says "Don't Mess With My Friends!"'re wonderful.

Choppz: You my dear would get a matching badge like beth. Then you'd get free maid service for a year. With a new baby could soooo use it. Then maybe a weekend at a spa to relax and recover. :)

Jewl: I would bring back that hubby of yours and make sure he was in the Christmasy Santa spirit. :) I'd also work it so that the two of us could maybe be on the same base at the same time! HOw about that?! And sleep...somehow I'd make sleep a nightly occurance. :) If only..huh. lol. XOXO..I always look forward to you.

Marie: Well you have your Job! Woooohooo! Next I'd give you that digital you so desperately need! LOL..oh and maybe a scanner, too. Mmmm...maybe a little mistletoe and a hottie to hang it up for you..:) Yummy or what?! XOXO, C

Dottie: Sweet Dottie..I'd give you a little nice of peace and quiet. I'd give you enough Diet coke to last a year and then a nice little taxi driver to take the kids back and forth to all their functions. :) Maybe just a once and a while a taxi...because we know sometime those car rides are sweet. Ok..let's see...oh and yes..someone to help you get both those trees down after the holidays!

Liza Girl I'd send you some yummy homemade million calorie chocolate chip cookies. You're tiny enough to handle them. Then I'd send you to a nice hot little beach so warm up your cold self! Baby it's got to be cold there. Mmmmm and then I'd send you a wonderful huge christmas tree! XOXO..Your'e so sweet to me and I soooo appreciate you.
Last but soooooo not least! Our Sweet Kitty CAT: Ok with the year that you've had you deserve the vacation of a lifetime with the hot hubby! I'd send you some warm socks for those tootsies of yours that are sooo not used to that cold. Then maybe I'd find just the perfect little "mocha" dog for you. You need a little one to spice it up over there. :)

For all of you...Tickets to meet halfway for cocktails and our trashy kind of humor!

I know I have more people on my "NICE" list. I just need coffee and to take the girlys to school...More later...


Cat said...

YOU ARE TOO SWEET! this was so nice!

I still say we do the halfway someday. that would be awesome.

Take care

ThoughtsGalore said...

We're soooo on! I think it would be cool too.


Liza said...

Don't forget to add a trip to target with our 1000$ gift cards :) hehe!

LizzieDaisy said...

Woohoo!! On my list of things to do in the next two hours... completely clean the house, do three loads of laundry, and call up to get wireless dsl. Funny huh. :) Oh yeah, and blog. Ha. My post will probably have to wait. Ah well, not like anyone is gonna die holding their breath or anything. But seriously, gosh wouldn't that be the best prezzie ever? You rock just for thinking of it. :)

And I want to meet someday too. I think we should have a party somewhere. A blogger get together once the weather is better. What say? I'll go. If hub doesn't like it, he can just come with and chaperone. Hee. But seriously, a weekend with the babes would be fun. Not sure where everyone lives and how central central would be, but Christie is pretty central and not so far from me and Nashville would be way fun. It's Dollyworld there? Bahaha.

Well, I leave you with this my friend.

I wish Christie a year's worth a Starbucks coffee, two extra hours of sleep every night, miraculously healed up kids (and you too), a cuddly attentive hubby (we all wish for those!), and a doggie that poops only outdoors. And what the hell... a pool boy to bring you froofroo drinks whilst you sunbathe next to your new pool. Hee.

xoxo love ya babe

LizzieDaisy said...

gosh I can type can't i? hee

ThoughtsGalore said...

Ooooho a doggie to poop outside and a hottie pool boy with froo froo drinks! HOly Crap..sign me up!

Liza hunny...$1000 cards for all of us! My dream to you! :) LOL. I didn't forget you hunny. I was just doing the kid stuff. You're in now with Dottie..!
You're the greatest..
xoxo love you too!

Lucky Lum said...

You are sweet! I would give you gift cards to Target (the best place) and Starbucks (second best place)!!

Peanutt said...

Thank you honey!!! As long as its 80's music I think I'd be happy! =0)-
We must meet one day for sure!!!! You are a sweetie!

Jewl said...

Awww, so sweet! :)
Three things came to mind when I was thinking of what I would give you..
Diet Coke
And of course something to do with Targets... Of course being that had a crappy ass day with my child I can not come up with something witty or even something normal to say!
Thanks for still including me in your Blog, I know I have been a slacker lately... With the holidays, family, The Terrible Two Toddler, Christmas shopping madness... it is has all been crazy, but what else is new in my life????
That would be so awesome if we ever get on the same base... I can almost hear the wine glasses clinging....

ThoughtsGalore said...

Cheers hunny! I can hear it now!

Liza said...

aww, christie my lovelyness!! thanks for adding me in :) I'd love a billion million trillion massive calorie cookies! i'd keep them in all parts of the house lol!! I'd have a secret stash in the office and in the car!! HAHA!! And the beach, oh man, still have another 6 months before the beach again!! LOL!! That would be nice. I'll have to think of some great Christmas ideas for you and steal your thunder by making a list on my blog hehe!!

Liza said...

Christie my love go to my blog and read my newest entry cuz there is a message for you!!!

Choppzs said...

Girl, I hope you are serious about these gifts, because I sure could use a spa and maid right about now!!! You shouldn't joke about that kind of stuff with a pregnant woman!! lol ;)

Mama Duck said...

You are so sweet! I'll take those tickets and the babysitter!! Wooohooo!

Marie said...

LOL! You are SO sweet, girl! :) I'm borrowing someone's digital camera until I get my own. lol...and i'd LOVE a scanner. ;) I'd love to set you up with an unlimited amount gift card for Target (it never runs out!) wish. And of course yummy coffee and lattes whenever you snap your fingers.

You are just way too sweet and so thoughtful...always thinking of us bloggin' babes. :) *HUGS*