Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Fun..

I enjoy a nice glass of wine and a little more than a glass once in a while, but drunken jerks don't do it for me. If you're a faithful friend/reader than you know what I'm talking about. Enough said.


I'm sitting here with an icepack on my head. For some reason I've had this headache all day. We had clams yesterday and I think the salt content (enemy) was really really high. That mixed with m-fing hormones do make for a happy me. (yeah right)

I'm craving chocolate.

This does pose one problem. I can't read my fluff! Bummer. All the Tylenol...non headache drugs and ice pack on the head, haven't budged it. I take that back. The icepack is finally working.

Did I mention I'm craving chocolate. I soooo am.
I'll post tomorrow!


Choppzs said...

Headaches suck, I hope you start to feel better soon!

Dottie said...

((((HUGS))))) I'm so sorry, alcohol can get ugly and rude.

I'm glad the icepack helped a bit, I get cluster migraines and they suck big time. My prescription for you....LOTS of Diet Coke and even more chocolate. Just what the Dr. ordered! :)

ThursdayNext said...

Coffee, too! Don't forget that coffee is the best thing for a headache! Actually, I guess mocha would be the best thing for a headache! :)

Anonymous said...

Frappacino? :) Hope you are feeling better now. Sorry about the drunken jerk. BTDT.

xoxo l.