Friday, June 08, 2007

Bouncing Into Friday!

SPF Friday .. Thanks Kristine for such a good one!

I was feeling a little sluggish this morning, probably because of the cake I had had for breakfast with my coffee! Soooo not kidding. I sliced myself a piece of my strawberry cheesecake that was my birthday cake. Yummy! Who cares. Thanks to the following I was able to bounce into Friday...Regardless of the sugar stuffed into me because of me.

1 If you haven't heard of Robin Thicke...well you must! You soooo must! I heard his one song Without You, but his CD is soooo sexy. Oprah had to have him on a second time because he's just so the fucking hot. It's true. He's hot and sexy. How could one not was to bounce a little to his sexy smoothe hot sikly voice. Yuuuummmmmy!

2 My new iPod with the Dixie Chicks blaring got me soooo bouncing. I love them. Enough Said.

3 My coffee of course! A little coffee and I was off.

Now on to something funny.

My daughter is famous for her self portraits. I find them on my camera every single day. Then I read TKW and her take on the bounce subject. She mentioned "Girls on Trampolines." Any of you sick enough like us to know about the Man Show and the girls know what we're talking about. So my daughter was out on the tramp the other night. This is how it went.

"Mommy Daddy look at me! Let me show you what I can do."
"Ok hunny...we're watching."

Then it started. My poor girl is just clueless. In the air splits. Jumps everywhere. I looked at my hubby. He was horrified. LOL...! We're too young for this. Way too young. Ok maybe not. LOL!

With that....If you played let us know....
Happy TGIF


SuZan said...

"bounce into Friday" Very cute SPF. I love that your daughter does self portraits every day.

I played.

Jana said...

I love good bouncy music!

I played.

Choppzs said...

Ughh, I hate the Man Show! Bunch of pigs anyways! lol I hope your girl stays away from them! lol

The Kept Woman said...

LOL about hubby's face. Sugar Daddy probably would have grabbed her, shut her in her room and nailed the door shut.