Friday, June 01, 2007

Life and my Dreams

It's been one of those weeks. I can't believe I went to bed and woke up to a Friday morning. I've had sick kids home from school, a dead school duck, and almost killing little Mocha and some crazy DREAMS. Where to begin.
Edit Add On: Oh and my birthday is coming fast and furiously! I'll be 37 and that just brings all kinds of stuff to mind! Oh my...sorry...I'll be 20/17! Hmmm...does that make it any better? I don't know? I'll let you know as the day approaches. That's right friends...that sweet little duck died. It died in my hand within two hours of the kids and me bring it home. When I called the teacher she told me she thought that Squeaky was looking sick and knew one his legs wasn't working right. It made sense to her. Well let me tell you this. I was heartbroken. Trying to save his little life....the kids walked in on me. It was just too much. Of course we had to have a funeral for Squeaky. Just when I thought I could relax...Mocha (shih tzu) decides to freak out.

I had given him some flea control medicine from the doctor. It nearly killed him. I was up until 4AM in the morning on Saturday taking care of him. I had to give him 4AM. After 4 baths with Dawn liquid dish soap (info I googled) it worked and he finally stopped having seizures. No sleep for me.

Then I had two nights of consecutive no sleep with the two little ones. No sleepagain.

I've been dreaming some really really vivid dreams . We all have that time in our life that we don't speak about anymore, because we can't. You know what I'm talking about. dreams have been crazy. It's like I have another life going on in my dreams. I felt this closeness and sweetness that I haven't had in my world in so long. Questions are answered there and time just goes on with us there. I can't explain it. Crazy. I miss my friend, but I have my dreams. When I wake up I have to wait for a second to realize the dream is over. I'm a dreamer, but nothing like this. Is it the future hinting to me..doubt it. If only I could email, maybe it would make more sense. Regardless, it's sweet. I can't begin to explain anything about it, but say it's WOW. Hmmmmm....

If you happen to be wondering,the answer is no. I'm not drinking. :)

Ok friends...happy weekend.


Dottie said...

OH girl, I am sorry you have had such a rough couple of days. Poor ducky but poor you and the kids. Layne was given his class G. pig last year and it wasn't acting quite right. Apparantly it had an upper resp. virus when we brought it home and it died. It crushed Layne and the kids and I was trying to revive the thing. Oh Motherhood!

I hope you have a better weekend and week ahead. Dreams....hmmmm...:)

Choppzs said...

Holy Crap, you have some crazy shit going on around there! Poor duckie, and poor Mocha! My pups been acting weird too, I think she's getting old and it might not be to much longer. I don't know, that thought makes me want to cry!
I hope things go better for you this coming week!

ThoughtsGalore said...

You two are awesome. I wasn't having a total pity party it was more of the whole Motherhood thing. I felt so badly for the kids. Poor Squeaky just didn't make it, but it wasn't for my lack of trying.

Thanks guys...and yes it's been a much better few days over here.

Anonymous said...

So sad for the ducky and for you having to handle that. Can't imagine. Well, yes I can in a way. Pat and I are always trying to save some poor animal. Our first try was a bird, no feathers yet, he found in his yard (when we were 16). Saved it. Fed it for a few weeks, practically hourly, to keep it alive. Up nights and all. Then I took it to his house one day, put it on the table, and the dog jumped up, knocked the box over and ate it. Nice... yup, I feel for you. :)

xoxo l.