Friday, June 29, 2007

SPF: Whatever you call it

Thanks Kristine from Random and Odd! Another day of a topic for my blog given to me! Woohoo!

Today it's something ugly, yet totally loved from a loved one.

Mine is newest/most recent gift from my daughter. I love it, but what it is it? LOL! It's something she made in art class and painted the most wonder shades of throw up. LOL. Gotta love it, though. She is so proud of it and it's right there next to her picture on the mantle.

Next is what I walked into on Monday night. I was out at the market for a little while. I came home and he (my non handy hubby) had my pans hanging on the wall above my sink with "NAILS" not " !!!!!!!! Ok,he was trying to make things easy for me. My last two houses I owned I had kitchens I could renovate. Now that I live in officer housing (in an amazing home,) in an area that I wouldn't buy in, I'm left with undesirable storage. So he thought he'd help. LOL...Love it?

Did you play!


Jen R. said...

How cute! Your daughter and your husband were doing things for you in their own special ways...even if her art project is a little hard to describe(??), and the nails might not be the best pot-hanging method. haha! They were acting out of love for you, which makes them both wonderful!

ThoughtsGalore said...

They were soooo totally awesome! I love the little ceramic creation. LOL...It's like going to Color Me Mine and just mixing all the colors together.

Dottie said...

Those "creative" one of a kind gifts are the most special gifts. I have some really strange things sitting by my desk that were made from love. Bless your DH's heart, I had to laugh but it is so sweet that he tried. Mine is handy but clueless with decorating. I once came home to a "Bless Our Home" sign hung in my kitchen that totally clashed. Gotta love him, I was able to eventually sneak it down. :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

SOmehow I'm going to have to "fix" his little surprise, but I have no clue how to.

Wethyb said...

Geesh, I haven't played SPF in forever! Ya gotta love those projects the wee ones make but you have no clue what they are. They're just so dang cute though :)