Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Summer Summer....

One more day and my kids are out for the Summer. This week they have half days. Halfway into the day when they came home I realized I better get some things planned or it's going to be one loooonnnnnggggg Summer. The beach is going to be top on the list and the pool. The only thing is that I miss TN. Yes, I miss TN. I had my Country Club Y's there. I have some pools at the gyms here, but nothing like that.

Ok so let's see...

Oh, I grabbed my camera in pure horror. I was looking out my kitchen window as I was doing the dishes. All of a sudden I see this creature hanging upside down...clawed feel hooked to the branch...and it was eating. I swear it looked like an upside down rat at first. UGHUGH UGH UGH UGH UGH. was just one of my friendly little squirrel friends. They love to freak me out. I'll open my blinds in the moring and there's one in a little tree right outside my window looking right at me. HOLY CRAP that's something to wake up to.

Well, after I saw the hanging creature I ran and grabbed my camera. Of course he no longer was upside down. He was just staring at me. Here's one of my friends. I need to name them. They spend enough time in close proximity to my windows that I can figure out who is who among the squirrels.

If one of you says "How Cute" I'm going to....well I don't know what I'll do, but YUCK. LOL.

Meet My Wanna Be Friend....Who needs a good name!

That's all I have. Happy Wednesay!


Choppzs said...

I will take your squirrel any day over that damn lizard and black widow I have hanging around my house! Please, send them my way! lol And I have to tell you this story. At my ma and dad's house in Michigan they had tons of squirrels. My dad had a blast pelting them with beebee guns whenever they'd get into my Ma's bird feeder. Well one time when we were there visiting my Hubs thought it would be fun to take a shot. Well he did. After much protesting from me. Aww come on now, the poor things are just hungry! lol Anwyas, he got it. Right in the head. The thing dropped like a dead weight. I ran out there to see the poor thing, and to possibly get a shovel to give him a proper burial out in the rocks. That little shit laid there till I was right up to it, then jumped up, and took off like a bat out of hell up a tree. Granted after it got up the tree it didn't move for a good hour! lol I always feel bad for the poor squirrels, they get a bad rap! lol

Cat said...

just start naming them after various nuts! Chashew, walnut, pecan, brazil, macadamia, ect..... LOL

that is ashame he wasn't still upside down, that would of been a picture!

dakotablueeyes said...

lol got nuts. Hey I posted pics of that pool cover on my blog. I need to get one of it completely on but still gives you an idea

ThoughtsGalore said...

choppz..I've never even seen a gun up close and in person...let alone a bee bee gun. LOL. That's how Liberal anti gun southern cali native I am! Yep and I married a Marine. Go figure.

Cat...I'm totally going to name them after nuts! That's fabulous. I've decided to keep the camera by the window sill so i can catch that upside down squirrel.

DakotaB...That's so cool.

Anonymous said...

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The Kept Woman said...

Awwwwwww...OK, he is cute but only from a distance.

I used to have a really fat squirrel named Norman back in Stepford.