Monday, June 18, 2007

"Have You Found Me?"

Hope you all had a fabulous FD weekend. We were here and just played it low key. He grilled grilled and grilled some more.

My mother invaded, also. She flew into the wrong airport about an hour in the wrong direction. Put that with the fact that we were already at the airport an hour in the opposite direction from my was another 2 hour drive to get the Parental! LOL.
Ring Ring...
Mom. I'm here at baggage claim where are you?

Me. I'm at baggage claim too looking for you?

Mom. Christie I don't see you. You're making me worry. I'll sit down. Just drive around and I'm sure you'll find me.

Ring Ring
Me. Mom what does the sign say outside of the building where you're sitting?

Mom. Have you found me?!

Me. Do you see me?

Mom. No.

Me. Then no mom...I haven't found you? (Holy Fuck)

Mom. It says Airport and Baggage Claim.

Me..(Well That helps.) I'll find you. Let me drive around and look some more.

Ring Ring to MY Phone
Mom. Have you found me?!
Me. Ummmmm Mom, If I found you then you'd be in the car and not on the phone with me.

Mom. Christie I'm next to a yellow curb.

Me. (Thinking something is for sure f-d up now.) Mom...which airport are you at?

Mom. (In the duh tone) Richmond!

Me. Ummmm Mom...I live near Norfolk...not Richmond!

Mom. Well Daddy bought me the ticket.

So my friends...welcome to the world of my mother.


ThursdayNext said...

OH NO! I hope she made it to you ok! Oh your poor mom!

Choppzs said...

LMAO, that so sounds like something my mom would do! lol

Dottie said...

OH MY! LOL That had to be confusing for both of you. Glad you found her, enjoy your visit.

tommiea said...

that sounds like something my mom would do....

glad you finally found her.

Jen R. said...

OK, that is TOO funny. At least you mom blamed the ticket mess-up on your dad and not on you...which is what my mom would do in that situation! :)