Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Still 36!

I look at myself in the mirror everyday and think I'm holding up pretty well. The exasperation of time flying is ever present, but life is pretty good. I just have to keep my hair the light strawberry blond, rather than more of the reddish color to keep the gray away. Doing so means that If I have an univited guests in the color of gray then the highlights will disguise them.

Now I'll tell you what really knocks me onto my ass with a huge thump. I have the daughter in the picture below. I guess that is proof that yep...37 I am. When did she wake up and become this! My gorgeous daughter in one of her famous self portraits.

I'm looking forward to my kids and their smiles as they love to celebrate my day with me. It's just so much fun. Let's not forget the cake and ice cream. Screw the low sugar day tomorrow. :)


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Anonymous said...

Wow. I am not looking forward to the day my daughter looks like that. How beautiful! And scary! I am having such a tough time with Corey growing up as he has lately... a driver's permit spells freedom I am not ready to give. :( Anyway, happy bday. I'm assuming it's the bday. Hope it's a good one! Miss you! Oh, and I am now, as of yesterday, home afternoons. At least for an hour or two before football and soccer camp. Sigh..

xoxo Liz