Monday, January 08, 2007

Things Are Crazy...

A Rainy Day In Lovely Virginia! Don't be shocked by the gray sky. It's always gray.

A look from the front.

Check out the blooms!

Here's a tree that's beginning to form Buds. There's even a fresh little nest.

Up Close you can see the nest and buds. (In the way background you'll see that's it trash day and yesterday was Costco please excuse)

No Global Warming???? MY ASS!!!!!!!!!

I know it's cold and snowing in some places, but overall it's warm! It's January and I've been wearing my Reefs, capris, and T-shirts. My boy even had on his shorts yesterday. We went from cruise clothes on the ship to cruise clothes at home. I've never been in anything like this weather before.

My bulbs are sprouting way too early...what's going to happen after we have a freez? My poor little sproutlings...

Take a peek at my little piece of the world. It's about 70 with a light rain today.


Cat said...

What great pics! I hope the freeze stays away from your sprouts!

Dottie said...

Great pictures despite the gray day. We are having that weird weather in MO, too. I'm afraid we are in for some ugly weather in Feb/March. I actually found a tick on Mocha (our Lab that lives outside)! One positive is that the ticks, fleas and other bugs are coming out now and when it does freeze, their numbers will be diminished for the summer ! :)

Enjoy your warm weather!

ThursdayNext said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe it! I must say that I am grateful for this mild winter, though I am sorry that our friends in Denver are getting the brunt and concentration of the worst of winter!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Cat..I do miss you!

Dottie..I love that you have a Mocha, too. I didn't think about the bug thing. You're so right. They will die off again. My mocha is cuddled up behind me on the couch on the top of the back cushion. I guess my butt isn't warm enough for him to snuggle up to this morning.

TN...My mother-in-law missed the second blizzard by one day and was able to get home after Christmas. She is shocked. We were on the cruise and were able to get news channels and of all the channels we received the Local Denver news! So there we were in Hot Mazatlan and there Denver was completely under snow. (she's from Denver,