Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Baby...

This is what 12 looks like!

We've been celebrating the birthday all weekend. With a long weekend she thinks she's just sooo special. Well...ok...she is.

Something cute from the boy today.

Boy.."Mommy where's the birthday cake?"

Me.."Buddy we had the cake for your sister's bday already."

Boy.."No mommy...It's Martin Luther King Jr's Bday..Duh!"

Well he told me, I guess. Note to self...Next year...Cake for MLK day.



Cat said...

Hmmm I never thought of that, Damn cake would of been good for dessert yesterday also! LOL Great idea your boy had there. lol

Jewl said...

What a cutie pie!! She has a great smile... 12, yikes... here comes the teenager within!! :)