Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Aaaahhhh it's birthday time for my oldest. I still can't believe I am old enough to have a twelve year old. Not to hard for a rational person when one realizes that I am, yes, 36! LOL!

It's funny, she's a girly girl, but the clothes are surf, skater, ripped-ish kind of look. The more worn the jeans look...the better! I've given in. She's a straight A student, my sweet girl, rolls her eyes (but hell so did I), and so who cares.

This is not about's about deals and shopping! I love both!
I really love TJ Max, Ross (next door to one another), ULTA, and great sale racks. Then you're able to go buy one higher priced most wanted item. Just a tip from me to you.

Oh and tip of the day. I think I've mentioned it before, but Costcodoes have 7 Jeans for 39.00. If you know how you fit in jeans and can buy without trying them on, then you should go for it! They're really really cute.

Second tip of the day. I found amazing amazing Coach bags at TJ Max for about 59.99 (regularly 250.00.) They're really cute, too! Love them! Plus many many many more amazing Italian leather bags!

Ok, on to gifts for a 12 year old.
I'll start with the TJ Max stuff.
Girly Soft Cozy Jammies.

One Worn in looking Hoodie.

Oh and don't let me forget a mommy pair of great BASS shoes! for 12.99 Leather, non Chunky...slim heel...little platform! Oh and did I mention COMFY! Oh enough.

FINALLY, the one gift that cost MORE than everything above. That's right it's a Hurley (surf) sweatshirt...yes with skull and crossbones in a darling turquoise. Go figure. LOL. She picked it out, but has no idea we bought it. :) Oh yeah...70.00. I know, but hell...according to K it's her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. She's 12 on the 12th.
(Damn blogger won't let me post the picture!)

Here are her shoes from my mom, dad, and sister. Keds. I'm done. I didn't really have anything else, so I thought I'd share. :)


Cat said...

Yep! she is in style!!! LOL

I MISS ROSS, that was my favorite store in Louisiana, we don't have one here. sniff sniff.

Oh and girl, try haveing a almost 17 yr old. I KNOW I am not old enough for that. LOL

ThoughtsGalore said...

Totally not old enough my friend!

Dottie said...

Or a 14 y/o with boys calling ALL OF THE TIME! LOL I can't be old enough....I simply can't!
Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

Isn't it funny, the more holes in the pants the higher the cost seems to be. Thanks for the tip on the 7 jeans! Now I have to figure out what size I will need!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Yes..I need to go try some on and figure my size out, too. They're a screaming deal.

Oh and're soooo not old enough! I just think it's funny that she dresses totally like a girly one, but with the skater/surf edge. It just reminds me sooooo much of me when I was her age. LOL..God help me for when the boys call!

Anonymous said...

Random and Odd said...

Why do teenagers cost so much?

[Mat] said...

are there posts missing around here???

ThoughtsGalore said...

I'm thinking there are..! I've tried posting on some blogs and they're totally not there.

Anonymous said...

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