Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Color, Blooms...and Towels...

I've been contemplating paint.

I need a color in this house, but how to do it? The walls are white, but it's a structural thing. I have so many windows and the outside comes inside. All the lines and windows are magnified and made beautiful with the white. I just need some splashes here and there, though.

I'm loving...cranberry, brown, light slate blue...and pink.

Just a thought. Better than all the love, thinking and fingers holding in the tears thing from yesterday...:)!

My flowers are blooming outside..and yes you guessed it. We're only supposed to get to 38 today. I'm going to cover them with sheets or towels tonight to keep them warm. The hubby thinks I'm nuts, but hey..that's a given.

Happy Wednesday..

1 comment:

Cat said...

cover those babies!!!

just a little paint will do so much!

have fun!