Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Morning Cocktail!

This is my yummy morning cocktail....(except for the kids benadryl now..!)

This might be a deceiving picture. Am I sick? Hmmm..just in the head. The three little bottles keep me TRYING to stay on the happy end. The eye drops are because my eyes have been swollen as swollen can be. LOL. I took a picture, but holy crap if it isn't the ugliest picture I've ever seen of my eyes.

The lids are just swollen all the way around. It's not pink eye. Maybe makeup. It's all thrown out now. Hmmm. I'm not sure. The only new thing I've added to the mix was Estee Lauder mascara. No fucking clue what's wrong with my eyes.

Anywhoo, I chose to try some benadryl to take the swelling down. So, Dr. Christie with a degree from WEB MD for moms, I took took a swig out of the CHILDREN'S Benadryl bottle. Yummy Bubble Gum Flavor. How dangerous can that be? LET ME TELL YOU! That little swig of Children's Benadryl knocked me out for 3 hours! Holy crap. I woke up with the hung over drunk/Nyquil morning after feeling.

So note to Dr Me. No more Children's Benadryl. Hell I can handle the duo of anti-Ds I'm on, but a little child's over the counter and I'm down for the count!

Happy Cold Thursday My Friends...


Choppzs said...

I do the same thing with my kid's Children's Nyquill!! It works like a charm!

Cat said...

The Benadryl is some wicked stuff!

Hope your feeling better!

Percival said...

No bran flakes then? Not that I personally have need of such.

Percy B Silly

Dottie said...

I'm loving that Longaberger mug you have there! :) Wouldn't by chance be another Longaberger addict would you? LOL

I used to work for E.L. as a manager/make up artist and the only mascara that I can use of theirs is More Than Mascara. All of the others give me itchy, swollen, runny ugly eyes.

ThoughtsGalore said...

Dottie! That's exactly what's wrong with the eyes!

Shall I pull out the plates, LOL!

ThursdayNext said...

Feel better soon, Christie! Do you take vitamins each morning? I take a B12 complex and have yet to really get sick this year despite being around sniffling teens ALL day long!

Percival said...

Thursdaynext - Why then do they sniffle? Is it mere pretension? A general haughtiness of temper? Who be these ruffians?

Thoughtsgalore - Well then: no bran flakes. This may be the problem. They are filled with foliates, small fossils quite ossified and harmless; and go well with Fosomax.

Dottie said...

If the mascara is new, take it back and they will switch it out or refund your $$$.

LOL about the Longaberger! I'm ALMOST ashamed of how many things I have. Last count there were 60 plus baskets and pottery, I haven't bothered counting. LOL