Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some thoughts....

I love the sun. I love the way so cal looks looks when the sun is rising and the fog is lifting. The wetness is slight...the coffee brewing drives me to get the paper and sit and cuddle. I miss my OC.

Reading quite a few books.

The Guy Not Taken...Jennifer Weiner/Love it.
Audacity of Hope....Barack Obama!!!!!/Get it, read it, and just think. Fabulous.
Are Men Necessary...Maureen Dowd/Love her! Illuminating, thought provoking and a book you'll pass on to your friends.

I started the elusive writing. I'm there in the moment. It's been there for so long. I can't worry about hurting feelings. I'm working the truth in somehow.



ThursdayNext said...

I love Maureen Dowd and hope I can meet her one day!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Lunch with her and some good stories! If you haven't read the book you should get it. You'd love it!