Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday...Things To Do

1...Get kids off to school. (Did it and let's just say the young ones almost had a knock down drag out about who was going to bring the dog in from his potty break. Lovely, I know.

2...Try not to worry about the no makeup on the eye look. They're looking a better just getting dried out now. (Check...Learning not to really give a crap.)

3...Visit my wonderful therapist, not Psychiatrist. I have both (I've named my therapist Dr. Feel We're working on my anxiety and catastrophic worries. We're focussing on the "Feel Good Handbook." I'll let you know how it works. Yes..I know...I'm a serious handful.)

4. Go to Costco for Creamer and avoid splurges. (Well almost. I did buy a Carly Simon CD and didn't do the book thing.)

5. Starbucks! (Had a yummy sugar free cinnamon dolce latte..!)

Quick additions...
Bought Sushi for lunch. Had a few before blogging.
Send a few NetFlix dvds back so I can get some more next week!


As you can tell...I've accomplished quite a bit and it's not even noon yet. What an exciting life I have...don't you think? Sarcasm my friends...sarcasm.


Dottie said...

Look at you and all of your energy all before noon! Princess didn't got to sleep until 4:30 this AM, (No clue why, she just would not sleep) so I was NOT functional before, at or after noon! LOL

Hope your eyes are getting better. Can you do a cool cucumber type thing on them to reduce the swelling and soothe?

Christie said...

yummy! Starbucks and sushi!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget!

Christie said...

It's time once again for the RFS Blog Awards so go get your nominations in!

ThursdayNext said...

Not one Starbucks on LI has had the sugar free dolce syrup in stock this past week! I am in withdrawel! Arent they so yummy? I am home this morning since its mid-term week, having a cup of DD coffee that I brewed. Mmmm. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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