Friday, May 18, 2007

SPF Framed!

This one of my favorite, non picture, frames in my house. It's a "Congratulations On Your Wedding" letter from Bill and Hillary Clinton. It was hand written and I love it. My mom gave it to me, FRAMED, when we got back from our honeymoon. Being in the military, we have tons of people come and make fun of Clinton. So rude. LOL.

Also...I love a nice mantle. So many decorating shows and magazines tell us to stay away from pictures on the mantles. Forget that. Our little ones are only little for a short time. So I always keep one good one of them up there. It's funny, because if I'm having a rough day or just feel drained then I glance up at them and smile. Soooo screw the decorators.

Anyhoo...tonight we're going to see the Bodeans. (Thanks to TKW for letting me know their playing a free concert really close by! I can't wait!)

I'm off to Costco. Happy Friday.


tommiea said...

I might have to laugh at the Clinton one too....just kidding...

I played too.

Dottie said...

We got a note from the Bush family when Lillianne was born. It isn't framed......

I love pictures on the mantle, too. Many of those homes decorated by those decorators don't look like a child should step foot in them, your kids will remember that mantle :)

Lavender said...

Wow - what a cool memento of the day - thanks for picking that to share!
I played too - Happy SPF!