Monday, May 21, 2007

Concert, Girl on Girl, and Gardening!

It's Monday and I need to plan my week!

I have nothing to complain about, in the great scheme of things. It's fabulous. Yes. Given. Ok, so I'm not being self-indulgent...just a little introspective. Let's move on.

Just a few things ...I'm thinking of today.

First, I had a great weekend with fun and shock. We did the Bodeans concert on Friday. FABULOUS! I totally felt like I was back in my 20s. I guess it was just relaxing, listening to good music from the college days, and not worrying about much.

Next, we ended up at a great party this weekend. It was one of those mandatory events. Hubby had to go to promote someone. It was a family kind of party. Anyhoo...there was food, drinks, games...and yes naughty naughty straight laced conservative couples, hididng there true selves.

I was getting ready to pack up my two youngest kids and let hubby stay with his guys. He never does that, so what the heck. I'd get to read my book at bedtime in peace ( so exciting..i know.) Well, before I knew it the hubby emerged from the Master bedroom from a bathroom stop. He was stone cold white. Shocked! Eyes bulging. There was some serious girl on girl/ couple action going on! Holy Crap! LOL! There were kids still at the party and you had orgy action going on. No fucking way! He assured me it was actually happening. I was dying.

He told me whatever fantasies he had about "chick action" was left in that bathroom stop! LOL! Poor poor baby. (yeah right!)

Ok, so today I'm going to garden. That's right girl on girl action to gardening. I'm going to prune some plants and weed a little. On that note I'll sign off and hope you all have a great great weekend.


Choppzs said...

Wow, can't say I've ever been to a family event like that! lol

ThoughtsGalore said...

Yep...not to worry I was gone after that!

The Kept Woman said...

Can I just say that men ALWAYS picture the chick on chick action to be between two hot blondes with big tits?

Life's a bummer, guys.

I'm so jealous you caught that show for free! I just paid $43 for two tickets and I'm not even in the center section! Gah...isn't Sammy cute in a little boy sort of way? (he's the lead singer, kinda short and hispanic)

Wethyb said...

LOL...what a diverse post :) I'm with Sissy...I've never been to a family event like that.

Cat said...

ROFLMAO so think your hubby is cured of that fantasy now? LOL

Anonymous said...

lol... send that show here. I am SO tired of hearing about that. :)