Thursday, May 10, 2007

My New Enemy!

My Enemy...Salt
Hubby (his runner self/workout all the time guy/wants to lose 4 pounds), and I have been working on the little things. Cutting out extra salt high fat, and sugared up foods. We still eat yummy stuff, but let's face it in your mid 30s things start changing.

So, in keeping with that I made chicken last night...hence the post below. Well, I made one hell of a yummy marinade. I put some Soy Sauce (yep..see the problem already?) honey, and dijon mustard with a little ginger. YUMMMY!

Let's just say that when my rings wouldn't budge this morning and my head felt like I'd suck needles through my eyes..I kinda figured something was wrong. Yes, my smart friends. I put Soy Sauce in my nice healthy low salt dish. LOL. Welcome to the world of Christie-isms. Holy Crap! I've had 5 Tylenol so far and the needles are still stuck in my eyes.

Yes, I know about low sodium soy sauce. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Anywhoo...Kisses to all of you.
I'm off to bring in my stuff from Trader Joes..


dakotablueeyes said...

Hubs is always preaching to me about salt. so yesterday at lunch I didn't have any.omg stuff tastes so much better with it lol

Dottie said...

I can't live without salt...sad really but I love it!

I didn't realize that it would give you headaches. I hope yours goes away soon!

What is Trader Joes?

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Mothers Day

Anonymous said...

Hey sexy momma...
Well, I finally caught up on my work so maybe I can hang out more, at least if the hub keeps remembering to bring the laptop home. So how are you? Minus being all swelled up. I HATE that. Ugh.

Hope you had a great mother's day and the kiddos remembered to do something nice for you. You so deserve it.

Personally, I am counting down the days until summer vacation starts cause though I have to work still, only half as much. YAY. I am signing my kids up for camps tomorrow. Lots. Hee.

xoxo Will try calling again soon!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Hey you sexy Mama! I can't believe I missed your call. I'm going to call you! LOL.

I'm so glad you're getting caught up. I have missed you my friend. I'm going to just email....