Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Negotiations with the Boy!
Mommy what are you making for dinner tonight?

Chicken, veggies..maybe some rice.

Ooooh Mommmmmy we're sooooo boring. Chicken...again? How about Nachos? Quesadillas?

No babe...we're having chicken. Scraping cheese off nachos and eating quesadillas can't be all you eat. I want you healthy and eating good food. Not crap.

Is diet coke and coffee healthy? ( dare he?)

Good point.

Fine i'll have oatmeal. I think Luke and Yoda eat oatmeal. There aren't any chickens in the space ships. They're how about oatmeal mommy?


The oldest walks in...

YOU GAVE IN TO HIM!!!! Mommy we need to TRAIN him better than that!
(mothering skills from my 12 year old.)


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