Thursday, May 03, 2007

UPDATE: Here are the three positive tests from yesterday! Ugh! I tried to get these to show up, but with everything's not cooperating! Hmmm but I started a touch bleeding this morning. Sorry TMI for some of you. So just poke sticks in my eyes now. Someone might as well that's how my head feels right now. Ok...on the bright side. I'm guessing I'm not pregnant. LOL. Yep, I guess. I'm sure I'm not.

So, I've been really really hormonal.

Let's see....
Ovarian cyst/tumor crap going on.
Hubby with a vasectomy and me with 3 positive pregnancy tests.
Finally my period started ( two weeks late!)

In all this I've learned,through major Googling, that certain cycsts/tumors can cause the pregnancy hormone HCG cause a positive pregnancy test.

Holy Crap...and UGH is all I have to say. Now I will sit here and suffer through my cramps, breathing a huge sigh of relief and making another byno appointment ..LOL. If I had the tests right next to me I'd post a picture. I will later.

Googling...who knew we could learn so much with a simple Google Search.


Dottie said...

Bless your heart! I would have to be committed if I got a positive pg test after a vasec. I have heard of it happening and being for real, YIKES!

Pop a couple of motrin and some good drinks. Feel better sweetie!

Choppzs said...

Holy shit, I'd be freaking out too! Hopefully your doc can get you some good meds to help with the pain!!
Changed blog addys ( I know, I know, just after you added me to your blogroll! lol)

ThoughtsGalore said...

Dottie..I need a strong drink. I'm too tired for one, though.

Choppzs..Oh yeah..I totally freaked out and then some. Hubby freaked out beyond anything. LOL.

dakotablueeyes said...

still scary to think three positives lol specially with the hubs V lol

merittandrews said...

Oh surrrrreeee - I finally found your blog again and I get all excited to see the tests and then you go and pull the rug out from under me!?

Gah! LOL.

(I learned something though! I had no idea the cysts could do that).

Anonymous said...

I think I told you my sister had some in August. Everything went fine though. Hope they don't have to do anything for them though and they'll shrink on their own. And that you aren't preggers too... unless you want to be. :)

xoxo l.