Wednesday, May 03, 2006


My sister sent me this picture today! How funny is this?!

Well, it's perfect, actually, because I've been working on finding some good blog material. :) Yeah..I've sucked.

Hmmmm, let me just say this, It's expensive to start a business. Very expensive. Once you get your licenses, and everything legal with the state and federal government...get your name legal... find a good accountant to make sure everything is legal...find a partner to be the brains when yours isn't really working (and someone you can trust)...I could go on and on. The thing costs money. It's not easy, friends. It's been consuming me and all of my time. I've dropped many balls and it's learning as we go. I love it, though. If you see a good small business...go and give them some business!

J(my partner) and I have worked our asses off the last few days (not to mention weeks) and I feel like we're almost there! Woohoo!

It's feels great to be on this side of good. I know you all know what I'm meaning. :)




Irish Church Lady :) said...

good stuff christie!

[Mat] said...

Keep at it.

Perseverance is the key.


LizzieDaisy said...

lmao... the picture is great! We should have one on our car. :)

Way to go Christie. Wish I had just a little of your attitude to get myself going.

Lucky Lum said...

That's too funny!

The Kept Woman said...

Love the stickers...keep us posted on the business venture! I've always thought about starting a business but the paperwork to start off always overwhelms me...

Anonymous said...

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