Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Coffee, Kids...and the Gas Station!

Coffee is important to me! We all know that. So, what happens when I run out of my creamer. I go into freak out mode. Yes..I planned the whole morning around an emergency trip to get the coffee creamer. Oh and let me add...horrid rain storm with lightning!

The kids blazed in getting dressed. I took the dogs out to potty in the rain. Oh, and while I had little Mocha outside, Reeses was freaked out and pooped and yes peed upstairs. UGH UGH UGH! He totally threw an obstacle into my emergency plan.

I took out the carpet cleaner. Washed the pee spot...and then I was off to brush hair and get things together. Mmmmmm the coffee smelled good. I had just enough half & half for one yummy cup. In 15 minutes I had us all together. We ended up at the gas station mini mart. HOW TACKY! I know. However, I know they have creamer. It's my emergency stop on quite a regular basis. LOL.

The kids got dropped off and I am sipping my yummy. I even have a bra on this early...LOL! Woohoo! I think I do more before 8:00 AM than most people do in a day. Hmmmm...


Wethyb said...

I cannot have coffee w/o creamer either! And, can't say I'd have a bra on in such an emergency :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

I'm soooo cracking up right now! Ok, let's remember I've had 3 kids and all the construction guys at the local mini mart getting coffee would totally get a little eyeful if the cute Victoria Secret friend of mine wasn't in cover up mode under my worn in work out shirt.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

I went black when I was on weight watchers many years ago and now I won't go back (to cream) 'Course that wouldn't stop me from going braless at the mini mart to get some donuts! hee

Southern Fried Girl said...

You are probably so right.

Hey, getting a bra on before noon is cause for celebration in my house.

ThoughtsGalore said...

not cream! half and