Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away...

Yes, it's raining! Again!

Doesn't the rain realize that when it comes down in buckets like this, that it makes the day very long with the kids? Ok, maybe I'm whining, but really...when will it!

Coffee is yummy this morning, banana is too, the Xbox controller is shot (i haven't a clue), and let's is just moving along. I've been coming up with some new designs. I'll have to post some pictures so you, my lovely friends, can give me some input. I'm still doing the "Burpies" with new designs, though. I'm adding in a bag or two..carseat covers (yes carseats for children) and I have a few more ideas coming along. Designing is the part of my business I love.

Well, no dog poop or pee in the bonus TMI, but who cares. When it's raining and they manage to make it outside..then my morning rocks! Welcome to my world.

Hmmmm anything else...? Not much, I have to say. I'm just trying to do something good and that matters in my world. That's about it.

Love you..


[Mat] said...

Hang in there.

Best of luck with the violets.

And rain... Is it hot for you where you are? If it's hot enough, why not go run in the rain, play in mud and stuff?

Sure, it's messy, but most fun things are. Think about sex ;)

Some of the very best memories I have from my troubled childhood involve rain, mud and running. I'll never forget those races we did.

Hey, I just found a happy thought in my childhood. That's something.

Good day!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Things are good right now. Mud, rain and running....hmmmm. Sounds very fun. I'm sure the boy of mine would love puddle jumping.

Hope you're enjoying the day...

Wethyb said...

We got the buckets 'o rain here too. Ho hum.

You matter to us :)

ThursdayNext said...

Coffee and bananas? My favorite combo in the morning. ;) Its raining here and I think the Yankee game this weekend is a washout. :(