Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Weekend..!

How does a weekend away sound? Anyone...Anyone?

Hmmmm a nice sandy beach, along with a few drinks, with umbrellas would do wonders.

Just some relaxing! Ok, I'd have to bring the No way on earth I could plan a getaway without them. LOL. They can frolic, I can relax...and still I'd sip some fruity colored yummy drinks.

Now...what should I make for dinner? I'm thinking tacos. I just don't have any salsa. Oh well, tacos it is.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I'm up for some colorful drinks in the sand! :)
Taco's without salsa...what are you thinking lady!!LOL Well I guess it would be Ok as long as the margaritas are strong enough!
Hope you have a Happy Weekend!!

Oh yea, how is the house selling/hunting going?

[Mat] said...

Would there be sex on the beach?


ThoughtsGalore said...

of course!

[Mat] said...

I have to go!


Hope you're doing ok.

The Kept Woman said...

Weekend over...come back...

Southern Fried Girl said...

I am so ready to go to Destin. Of course Lord knows when that will occur. LOL

Christie said...

mmm tacos sound yummy

Wethyb said...

Oh yah on the beach :)

Where've you been lately?