Friday, May 26, 2006

Summer Summer Summer O Fun...

So I'm thinking...Surprise, huh.

First of all let's recap my morning..
  • Woke up to a foot in my face showing me a little pussy blister. Lovely. Huh.
  • Went potty, brushed teeth, washed face....and through the entire time had 6 eyes on me. (Ava, Dog, And Little Dog.)
  • Walked down to let the doggies out, make coffee, and feed the kids and dogs.
  • Kids begged for pizza from last night. I gave in. Oh well.
  • Read my email.
  • Sipped my coffee.
  • Sipped some more.
  • Watched Good Morning America with my daughter.
  • The oldest is still sleeping.
  • The boy is occupied.
  • A and I have looked, looked and relooked at the pussy little wanna be blister. UGH.
  • Hmmmm and it's only 9:30

HAPPY SUMMER..LOL! A is making complete action filled list of everything she wants to do this summer. She kissed a boy yesterday and immediatly crossed that off her list. LOL. Lovely. She's planning all her trips, swimming plans, and play dates. God Help Me! She's the easy one. Let's now factor in my preteen! LOL. Holy Crap!!!!

OH and now Mocha (little dog) is eating a candle. Yummy! Ooooh Can't wait for him to throw it all up.

Here's something to share with you my shallowness. I don't sit around and watch soap operas, but I do TIVO a few. I do that for the witching hour. I watch them around 4ish and fold laundry or ignore the screaming kids. So, as I was doing a load around 11 yesterday and saw the Breaking News I watched. Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were found guilty. Justice I thought, then it was followed by me thinking that they better not screw with my soaps..LOL! I'm so fucking shallow. Who cares, though. At least I know I am.

Ok..loving the DIXIE CHICKS new CD.

Here's a thought for you. Imagine what it's like when I go on my Rumsfeld rants. I'm told to just be quiet and not to go there. Hmmm.

My world is a sitcom. I could write enough to fill scripts for years.

Oh Sweeties. There's enough for now.




LizzieDaisy said...

Okay Christie... I was like "pussy blister" that's TMI for sure. As in kitty/pussy and you meant nasty gooey slimey puss-ie. lmao. I had to read that several times. Did anyone else? Maybe my mind is just somewhere else this am. Hee.

I miss you oodles. I want my friggen life back!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!

Kids are out of school on Friday next week. WOOT!!!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

I had to reread it too! I'm thinkin' how does she get a pussy blister on her foot? Mind's in the gutter. What else is new?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

ThoughtsGalore said...


How do we spell Puss filled blisters! LOL! I'm laughing so hard!
Baby I miss you oodles too! I miss you!

ThursdayNext said...

Happy Summertime! :) What does this mean for you and me? Iced coffee, my dear. Yay! :) haha Missed you, too. Glad to be reading your blog tonight, even though I am already craving pizza for the morningtime.
Love, Tiny A

Anonymous said...

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