Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday and Passion...

How can summer be around the corner? I'm loving it, though.

So, I've been sucking in the blog department, but I'm back. I'm feeling better and as ThursdayNext wrote about, the ghosts are no longer haunting my head. :) I soooo got that TN.

Coffee and a paper sounds good right about now. Here are some othere things that would be great...
  • Mani and Pedis with my sisters
  • Coffee and breakfast with Lori (even though she doesn't do coffee)
  • Having the little weeds that pop up in my flower beds just all of a sudden disappear!!
  • Waking up with all of my special friends in the same city a few minutes away!
  • Getting all my music on my Ipod organized.
  • Spooning all day during the rain!
  • Tapping into that passion that has made me who I am...
  • Peace for my mom...

XOXO...Wishing all of you are able to find your passion again....




Irish Church Lady :) said...

Glad to hear...Welcome back!

You have been sucking in the blogging dept but I still swing by to check. lol

Me I'm trying not to suck in the blogging dept but I'm sucking in the other ones kinda because of my blogging...hee hee...who cares...what works for in the moment

Have a good Sunday! Enjoy the weathers!

ThursdayNext said...

Christie, I am so happy that your ghosts are no longer haunting you! It was not evident in your posts; you are a wonderful writer.

Sipping coffee and thinking of you. Cheers to your passions, my dear. xoxo

Random and Odd said...


I'm glad things are looking good for you!!

The Kept Woman said...

Still must get iPod.

Am only soul on earth who doesn't have one.

e said...

I miss you, but finals are kicking my ass. Love ya.


Wethyb said...

What a great post!

Here's to wishin' the weeds would "just disappear" too!

Hopin' you're having a good week!

dakotablueeyes said...

well i have my coffee but my paper comes by mail so it won't be here until 11 or so