Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mommy Have You...

"Mommy have you made me a 'My Space Blog,' yet?"

She wants a BLOG?!!!!!! There really is more ahead, my friends, I swear. Once you get through the constant earaches and colds, not sleeping through the night, lack of a life.....they hit you out of the blue with a biggie.

My 11 year-old wants a blog. "But why not Mommy...you have one?"

Holy Crap..! Yes I know there are lots of "!!!!s" and ".....s" today. I'm just really at a loss for words. How does she even know what
My Space is? I totally gave in when she wanted a Yahoo ID, because I can keep an eye on her. Oh and I wanted her off my Yahooo...lol. Yes, I know smoothe mommy.

Trust me, I'm in all of her business. She doesn't stop talking about anything...lol. Hmmmm who does she get that from? I have all the passwords. I just don't know if I'm ready for a blog?

I hope you're all having a great Tuesday and laughing with me. I might not be so great at many things, but I sure can laugh. Along with vitamin Z...it keeps me sane.
Love you guys..


Darlene said...

OMG! How grown up is she?! I am so not looking forward to my AJ growing up. And, the sad part is that when she is 11, I will be 39 and holding...just imagine--my out of control hormones dealing with a little grown up! I'll probably need some vitamin Z by then....LOL

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Peanutt said...

They do grow up too quick!!! Hope you are well! Miss you.

Cat said...

yes, my 10 yr old found Xanga, as well as my 16 yr old. EVERYONE IS doing it! EEEEEK! I think I need some of that Vitamin Z, My life is driving me insane!

ThursdayNext said...

Are there any good blog servers for preteens? There is a cute one that is geared for young girls called diaryland I think? I will investigate! I will cry the day my nephew even gets an email address. This goes by TOO fast!

Busy Mom said...

Oh, been there with my 11 year old, too. We compromised with a piczo.com page. So far, so good.

Melanie said...

Hey sis,
The piczo.com page looks like a perfect place for Kels. I went to it..check it out.
I'm glad I can make you laugh :P


LizzieDaisy said...

I finally gave in and let my 12 year old son get a email account, but i have password privledges. My 14 year old isn't interested. As for my space, eeks the thought. I wouldn't let any of my kids ever near there.

Been missing you. Will try again. :)

Spikey1 said...

Yikes! Scary to think how fast they grow/

The Kept Woman said...


Presumably if your children are not living under rather large rocks they all know about My Space...I've heard of it and assume it's like a more teen-centered blog-based social community. I tried to go there once but got distracted...or couldn't figure out what I was doing.

I only fear what's going to be "The Thing" when my kids are that age...9 years is a long time from now.

9 years ago not every kid had a cell phone...or a phone and TV in their room...or complete access to the internet...what will happen in the next 9 years?

Dottie said...

LOL! This is a battle in my house, too. Morgan has an MSN "space/blog" that her little cirlce of friends has access to. They haven't really used the blog option b/c they are too busy telling each other the lastest info via cell phone, house phone & messenger! LOL I am like you, I have ALL passwords and it is understood that while I usually don't, I can at any time go to where ever she goes to see what is up. Good luck! :)

Ju said...

Hi. I'm visiting from Kari's blog. It's so strange how fast kids grow up these days. I can't believe she knows of Myspace and wants an account. That is too funny.

dakotablueeyes said...

My daughter is 7 and she has a blog lol she hasn't blogged in awhile but she has one lol

Chief Slacker said...

yeah, when we wre 11 we wanted candy and cartoons, now they want blogs? sheesh!! heh I'm afriad what my kisd will be like if I ever have them ;O)

Until then, it's still Slacker's Datin Oddyssey. It has begun and will continue. You should take part in the challenge ;O)

Anonymous said...

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