Monday, September 24, 2007


I have had many of these days, but today I realized I am my Mother's Daughter!


1. I used to laugh that my mom would do laundry and it would never fail that somehow she would ALWAYS end up BLEACH splattered on her Tshirt! WE do laundry and we're in comfy clothes, right? Right. So here I am and in one of my comfiest coziest pink Tshirts that is covered in little bleach marks! UGH! LOL.

2. Bleach on the Tshirt first time? Nooooooooo. How the hell have all my coze Ts gotten "Christified?" I seem to be having a collection in the making.

3. Sheets with bleach marks? Who knew you could have sheets not bleach worthy, not my mom and me. (just a little bleach now...a tiny amount in the bleach slot.) My mother again.

4. A towel here and there with a splash mark. Yep...I have those too.

5. Hmmmm we'll throw a good one in. NO WRINKLES! That my friends is a lovely thing my Mom has given me. We don't get wrinkles. Crows feet....non existent. Ok I use some killer eye cream and moisturizer, but some good genes help. :) Freckles..yes...wrinkles...ummmm no.:)

If my sisters are reading....I know you get it!

Thanks Mom...
I love you,,


[Mat] said...

thanks mums...


The Kept Woman said...



Love it.

But not splashed on my clothes.

ThoughtsGalore said...

I love smell. LOL. How strange am I? I'm working on the splash!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Mat...where have you been hiding? xoxo

[Mat] said...

under a rock, mostly.
kidding. away from the computer, mainly :)