Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I WAS HIJACKED! LOL! Ok not me personally, but my blog! Then...my computer w as totally completely sick. So, I decided I'd use the upstairs computer. Do you know where the is is going? Yep...I gave it the bug, too. I'm convinced it happened when I tried to update my template. I must have downloaded something really horrible. Bug infested...it was!

So, here I am. My computers have gone to get cleaned and now they're back! Wooohoo! I was totally and completely going through a panic. Glad that's over with.

Let's see....I've been busy:
  • Had a fabulous party on Friday! I threw the most wonderful party. Tons of great food and drinks. It was so good no one would leave!
  • I rearranged my living room.Totally loving it.
  • Decided I'm thisclose to doing a Doctoral program that seems to be calling my name.
  • Oh and yes...my dreams are alive and well. Sometimes I wonder what it is I'm telling myself with all the other person in the past stuff. LOL.
  • Finally...I had the most fabulous Mani and Pedi on Friday! I was massaged, served diet coke lol...pampered....and totally relaxed. OMG. The best one ever. Just had to share.

Oh well friends.....I'VE MISSED YOU!

I will write later.




Cat said...

Hey girl! I so missed you! Glad you are back and doing well. Hmmm thinking I need to be informed of the Past thingy? lol
LOVIN THE VIDEO...I had to watch it twice! Awww.

Dottie said...

Hey! I've been checking in on you and hoping that everything was ok.

The mani and pedi sound heavenly, think I will have to add that to my "to do" list.

Your party sounds like it was fun....as do your dreams!;)

I'm really not blogging much on blogger but do stop by to read when I can.