Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ode To My Favorite Duck...

I may only get 5 comments these days but I have well over a hundred reads every day. Most of them come through TWK. The oldies on here know her as Mama Duck. She is amazing. Her blog is fabulous. I love her. When I found out she was done yesterday my heart dropped. I'd miss her. However, she went into withdrawals and came back. For how long...only she knows.

Regardless...I will miss her.

I adore her.

I too have a SD. I relate. She has an amazing little business. Beautiful little ones. Oh and did I mention the way she just cracks me up. Sigh...

Mama D...I will miss you if you go. It's been 3 years on here for us. Wow.

There was a day when it was a few daily consistent reads.....
Peanut(Ihope she's well.)
Lizzie(busy and working)
Bethy Girl
Heather (who designed my favorite fabulous template..now recovering from Brain Cancer!)
Those were my first real blogrollers....

I love connecting you guys...


The Kept Woman said...

You are so damn sweet. I'm a geek...my retirement lasted all of 17 hours.

I'm weak.

It was like losing this huge chunk of my life. I'd contemplated leaving many times but now I know why I haven't. It's hard to believe that so many have come and gone...and how many great friends I've met along the way.

ThoughtsGalore said...

I'm a geek too.

I tried this summer to break away. No luck. Here I am. The kids are in school so what else to do while I sip my coffee...:)
I'd miss you...just so you know.

Dottie said...

Aw, thanks for including me! :) I really miss my blogging and reading, too.

I have just been so dang busy. I am going to try to do better!


[Mat] said...

Same here.

I wished she wouldn't go.
I don't blog as much as I used to, but I keep track of you guys via a feed reader.

Keep blogging!

I remembered the same thing. - the daily reads.

haaa.... as it been that long?