Friday, September 28, 2007

Podcast For Me....!

I'm working on a Podcast. I've got the equiptment and working on the pieces! If you read my blog at all then you kind of get the personality. Topics are in the works and hopefully I can get some of my girlfriends to join me. Podcast.

I'm excited. It's the closest to being the Next Mary Hart that I'll get. Being the next Mary Hart was my goal in college. Does that age me? ummmm yes. Only one person new about the

Mary Hart idea. Now all of you do. Whew!

October 8, 2007...the first day!

I've done it! I figured out what it is that I'm going to do.

There will be a Podcast link in the sidebar, hopefully with a new template. You won't need an iPod. You can download and just listen.

Ok Ladies and Guys..



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