Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Peanut Zone!

Do you know anyone allergic to peanuts? I was clueless until this week. My neighbor is and it's serious! I never realized how fast one could die with such a serious allergy. He went from 0 to anaphylactic sock in like no time. I had to call 911 and was a mess. He went from talking to not talking or communicating before I figured out what was wrong.
Scary Shit! Seriously. I just wanted to say that if you hear about someone wanting a no peanut zone for their child, then listen to them. I saw a perfectly healthy boy almost die because of lousy peanut butter crackers before my eyes.
ps...he's feeling much better...


[Mat] said...

hey, long time no read.


whew! for the kid.

Dottie said...

Oh My! That had to be frightening! I am glad that he is ok and that you were there to call for help. I hear that it is really a serious issue and so hard to avoid being that so many things contain peanuts, peanut oil or are made on the same line that something containing these things are. Very scary!