Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Then and Now!

Then and Now...

Then...I always used to make sure I didn't go out without Mascara and Lip Gloss...
Now...I make sure my mositurizer has SPF and my legs have bug spray.

Then...Getting my Victoria Secret Catalogs was something I looked forward to!...
Now...I can't wait for my Pottery Barn, PB Kids, and William Sonoma!

Then...I loved shopping ...I mean loved!
Now... Give me my garden, my patio to relax...and some time with my friends and I'm good for a long time!

Then...I made sure my hair was done every 6 weeks and my mani and pedi biweekly!
Now...Hmmmm...I try for the mani and pedi...and the hair looks good, but not done as timely as before.

Then...Shoe shopping was fun and I loved the sexy ones.
Now...I'm to busy telling my oldest that she will not wear heels that high!

Then...My car radio was mine.
Now..."Mommy can we listen to our music!"

Yep...this is what happens. I'm not fighting it, but crap if it doesn't make me feel my age.


Cat said...

LOL I can so relate to you on this girl! UGH. we are getting old. NO FAIR!!!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Sooooo not fair!

ThoughtsGalore said...
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Charlie Mc said...

hahahaha, great list!

Then I had a clean/spotless car...now I feel like I am in a waterglobe filled with dog hair when I drive.....

Jen R. said...

But the SPF in your moisturizer will keep you looking younger than your years! :)

I'm with you...a day on the deck with friends beats a day of shopping for things I don't really need anytime, and I don't care if I sound old saying it!

ThoughtsGalore said...

Cmac..Wait until kids. I don't care how clean someone says they are...there will always be goldfish or something floating around in there.

Jen...Love my SPF. I can say I have no visible crows' feet! Love the patio and friends!