Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 4th and Changing Gears!

Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July!

We had a great day yesterday. There were friends, yummy food, and fireworks that made the day great. I'm a little holiday'd out there, if truth be told. It just seems like I need a break from it all and start working out again tomorrow. I've got the iced tea going, and tons of water. I've been putting a yummy juicy slice of orange in my tea and it's a totally different taste. I love it.

Changing gears...

Yesterday while we were at the party Kelsey was telling one of the neighbors about the way she's working out and training for Cheer tryouts. I'm so impressed with her dedication. I, the mommy, sat down with her and told her the pros and cons. After all of this she may not be chosen. After that talk it's only been positive and encouraging. It's what any of you would have done. the issue...

My neighbor, the "perfect one," had the nerve to tell Kelsey all of the cons in public. She told her she may not make it and not to worry she could be good at plenty of things. The odds were really against her. She may not have the right body type! WTF! I was right there and I just wanted to slap the lady. What nerve. I'm sure Kelsey was oblivious, but I wasn't. Ok..really what a bitch! Ok...that's all on that subject.

Ok one more thing...How can a grown up be a bitch to a 12 year old?! Look at not worthy of such crap from the "Perfect One!"

Ok..I'm going to sip a little glass of wine and watch one of the Netflix dvds. Choices Choices. It's a nice night and it's cooling off nicely outside. I love this time of night. The kids are in bed. It's quiet in the house and I'm going to sip a little glass of wine and chill.

Love to you guys...


Choppzs said...

SOunds like a good 4th, except for the witch next door. I hope at some point you tell her off, and tell her where to go. Then tell her to keep her mouth shut around your kid! Uggh, makes me mad when people think they have the right to talk to my kids in a less then nice way!

ThoughtsGalore said...

I need you here close to me. I need a friend to help me tell someone off! I'm not good at that. It was a nice night with some great fireworks.