Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Little Moments....

That Brad Paisley Song has meaning. My hubby sent it to me one Sunday afternoon. SO many of the lyrics are me...

  • All the smoke alarms in the house going offf.....Yep. We have a Mommy Smoke Alarm scenario! Open the windos and put the ceiling fans on. LOL. But he laughs.
  • Backing into the mailbox. We had the only mailbox in our Nashville house that was at a wonderful little tilt. He didn't fix it, because it didn't matter. He knew I'd knock into that big white thing again and again!
  • Me driving over the curb in his Volvo and knocking out his alignment! LOL. Then his next car...the same. He just shakes his head.
  • I'm soooooo complicated yet not and how "borning would it be if I was just normal?"
  • Directions! I can't even get somewhere with the GPS! The dings screw me up. SO I have my lady who talks me through me now. LOL. Lost Christie. He just doesn't know how it's possible to get lost with a GPS! I'm here to tell you it's possible!
  • He says I snore. Of course I don't. HE just buys me the Breathe Right Strips. LOL. I wear them to humor him. LOL.

Just sharing..




Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christie... I know I haven't had time to do anything for myself lately. Talk about feeling like a loser. Even my counselor has me coming in every other week (or more) cause he's worried. I am spent. Sniff. Too busy for a life, that's me.

So how scary about the baby girl! I can't remember if you use her name or not so I won't. Anyway, how is she doing today? I will light a candle for her tomorrow at the Grotto. I'm at Notre Dame for a conference with my boss until Friday. I could be in the bar, but tonight I am ALONE and just had to come say hi. Nice having internet in my room. Which is fab btw. :) Anyway, I feel like a grownup tonight, even if I'm not down with the rest of them. They keep calling me honey and such anyhoo and I feel 10 years old. Ugh.

Let's see... (I know, so many dots!), what's up with me. Um, I got moved into my new office. Very nice minus the drums from the new band room next door. OH the headaches I will have! Percussion is first period. Um, we put a 10x5 screen up in the new basement! Very cool. I will try to email you the website later so you can peek at the progress. I've just tried emailing and before (and I did call!) and have gotten nowhere. Guess you are busying and bummerish too. Sorry. Oh, and I'm emailing now so if you don't get it, check junk mail just in case!

Okay, I will stop typing in your little comment section. Hee.

Love and miss you! I think about you a lot!

xoxo Liz

Anonymous said...

note to self... don't bother with the expense of GPS. :)

cute song!

Cat said...

Keeping you and your girl in my thoughts and prayers!

Take care!

ThoughtsGalore said...

I emailed you this morning Lizzie.
miss you tons!

Thanks Cat! Miss you too.

The Kept Woman said...

Funny how one song can speak to us, isn't it?!!?

Dottie said...

Love that song! :)
How are you, you haven't posted in awhile and I've been thinking of you and baby girl!