Monday, July 09, 2007

Lunesta For Dreams

Edit: Spam blogger commentor..hey if you're going to do it, I'm sooo guessing you'd have a better chance if it was in english! me buddy peole don't buy things from spammers. You were already screwed by just wasting your time, but then in Spanish...? Brilliant Buddy...just brilliant! I'm done...

Happenings In My World.

1. I have been eaten alive by mosquitos! Not kidding...I am mosquito bait. I'm dying. I was nextdoor having a little wine last night with the ladies and my girlfriend lit the citronella candles. They didn't work. I'm here to say that citronella is crap. It never works! Ok, I'm done. It was my own fault for not spraying down with all the bug killer, but I'm trying to keep carcinogens off my body. Go figure!

2. Insomnia has taken ahold of me tonight. I had to resort to some Lunesta. I'm typing as I wait for it to work.

3. If I have to look at one more Plasma or LCD TV and choose between a 47 and some other monsterous size...hmmmm....I think I'll scream. Oh didn't you know that football season is around the corner and this year it would be awesome to watch his "Sunday Ticket" on a 50ish inch flat screen HDtv. SUCH A GUY THING! He doesn't watch tv, EXCEPT for all of the football games. LOL. OMG. I'll take a picture of the schedule he "thinks" he's putting on the side of the fridge. Hmmmmmmm. Funny, though.

4. I walked 4 miles today in less than an hour! I kicked ass. I think I'm looking better at 37 than at 27...just a thought.

5. Let's see...mmmmm...the Lunesta has hit! Night Night....xoxo


Rodrigo said...

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Choppzs said...

Sure Rodrigo, I know exactly what your talking about!!!I totally agree and think you are great. Now Fucken Speak English asshole!!! lol Sorry, had to get that off my chest!

Yes, I wish I could sleep a full night through. My kids like to wake up up 2 to 3 times a night. I would be afraid if I took a sleep aid, I may not hear them! lol

Cat said...

Good Night!!!!