Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome To The World Of Teenage Daughters!

Wonderful World of Christie's Diary of Everything F-ing up at the same time!

Just a few of those crazy ass days. Let me say before I begin that they crazy days seriously interfere with my Words With Friends addiction. I feel your pain Alec!

First of all, once you have kids get ready for all unknowns to happen when least expected and your heart ready to break in an instant. Then after broken heart the pissed off mom will rear her head and think some really bad things like, I wonder how much coal would cost by the pound.

Here's what I've come to terms with the last few days. First of all, I am only one daughter. Life is rough sometimes, but my rough would be other's blessings. I get that. It doesn't negate the heartbreak or pain that is involved with raising them and being the wife of a Marine in Afghanistan. I am grateful for so many things in my amazing, yet crazy life. My husband is coming home soon! Yay! I'm trying not to be a bitching, whining, and complaining woman! So, why am I typing and blogging about this shit? I'm doing it so I don't sound and act like a royal, whiny, ungrateful bitch to those around me!

Well, OK, a little coffee and some good meds and I think I can get through the day. Writing Christmas/Happy Holiday cards to family and friends should help. It just started with my Middle Miss who fell on her back and it hurt her so badly. Nothing I could do could to touch the pain, except Motrin, said the doctor. Poor thing. I took her for Xrays yesterday and all is OK, but she's in so much pain, still. Then, my Oldest Irish Miss wants her boyfriend to visit this week. Yes, this week and he's from Nashville! That's right let me pull out $400 and fly him right in, oh and yeah let's do it right before Daddy comes home! Seriously? Sigh. Then to hear her cry, while she is upstairs in the shower and I'm downstairs, makes my hurting heart turn to utterly pissed off mom. Seriously! Ugh. I guess dropping $400 right at Christmas sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? Sigh. My husband would have flipped a gasket over the boyfriend coming here right BEFORE he comes home! Flipping a gasket is a mild depiction of the wrath of the Lt. Col. ! LOL. Then who would feel the wrath? Yes, you guessed it, that would be me explaining the stupidity of such a last minute flight.

Finally, the anxiety of it all just gets to me! Am I the only one that lets it just consume me? I need to stop doing that! I consciously know that I do, but putting the knowing into action is the hard part. So, no trying the putting into action today and just doing today!

On to Christmas/Holiday cards and getting some more out the door! I love Christmas and Hanukkah. The Catholic mom and Jewish dad make for some stories, but for now off to my Christmasukkah cards! :) I shall be doing some personalizing in each card, in my little winter wonderland of crazy lights, sparkle and pink! LOL!

Until My Next Coffee...TTFN,

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