Saturday, October 13, 2012

Takes From A Crazy Move!

From Diary of A Move With Kids, Dogs, and one crazy GYPSY!

Our move is about done and it has been EVENTFUL! Three kids, two dogs, a husband, Barb ( my GPS,) and Gypsy (his GPS) make for one crazy trip through the south. Barb is the perfect GPS and Gypsy, well Gypsy takes routes like, well, a Gypsy!

Hotel living consists of two rooms, with dogs and three of us in one and two in another. Traveling with dogs makes me think, why?! What was I thinking?! We don't have crying babies with us, but we do have barking dogs. Along comes my savior, to help save my sanity!
What is the SAVIOR? Hmmm... Wait for it! Wait for it!

Doggie Daycare! Just make sure you don't call it Doggie Daycare to the staff, because they call it Doggie Day Camp! It's the deal of the century! My pups love it! We drive past it and they go nuts!

That's it for now.

Until I have a little Sparkle or Pink to share!

Doggie Daycare Mommy! Don't take another picture! Let's go!

Mommy, I love my picture getting taken by you!

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